Usa Revisited


Usa Revisited. 2015/05/09

Three years ago just 3 months before the elections we visited the magical Republic of Usa. Methinks it is time for another visit because after all Fairy Tales due change with the times.
Much has occurred in the Magical Republic in the past three years and not entirely for the good. It is now 20 months before their next election and already there are contenders throwing their hats into the ring. Some of these contenders are the same ones that tried to dethrone the Black Wizard (President) in 2012. Now the Black Wizard cannot run for election again as there is a mandatory limit of eight years. This was not always so as they had one Wizard (President) who managed to get elected 4 times and if he had lived would have been in office for 16 years. Unfortunately this good Wizard died just 4 months into his last term. I digress.

Two women have thrown their hats, bras, whatever into the ring one a Democrat (good guys) one a Republican (Idiots). Of course some of the old bible thumpers are back or thinking of coming back. Guess those thinking are waiting for a revelation from their god. In the intervening 3 years or so the inhabitants of Usa have sat back while some of their Police Forces have invented a new pass time, “Let’s Shoot an Unarmed Black Man or Boy”. I think to them it is great fun as there is usually a riot after such a shooting so the police can go out and shoot more Black Folks raising their score. Of course it is not racists it is just as far as certain Usa cops are concerned all Black People are criminals. Hell does that mean the leader of the country is a criminal because he is black.
The magical kingdom has also managed to get itself involved in another war. This time against and enemy called ISIS or ISIL depending on who you are talking to. ISIS, ISIL, is a militant fundamentalist Muslim group out to kill everyone who isn’t their kind of Muslim, wacko. The Magical Republic also managed to talk the folks from the once Dominion to join them in this venture because the leader of the onetime Dominion is a Conservative and he wants to be remembered as the man who made the Dominion a strong partner with the Magical Republic. He is also the man who took the once Dominions reputation as the great peace keepers and trashed it.
So, now as the Magical Republic starts to gear up for another election the nut bars are starting to crawl out of the wood shed and the bible thumpers are girding their loins to do verbal battle and the rest of the world prepares for the circus that is coming. LET THE GAMES BEGIN.


2 thoughts on “Usa Revisited

  1. David, you could write a fantasy novel about the colour-people and their parties…with all the shooting balloons…the offered temptations…the ones of kindred spirits that ‘cuddle together’…the countries they play like men on a chessboard…and the blowout of candles (or whatever)! Who survives to the end???

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