Lately I have been having difficulty in coming up with a good topic to sink my teeth into and write about. An idea pops into my head and I start to put it to paper but what ends up on the page isn’t what was in my head. In other words somewhere between my brain and the keyboard my thoughts turn to garbage. Sometimes when I pause and reread what I have typed I think “Damn I could write better than that when I was 10 years old”. It is as if my intellect has decide to take a vacation and is playing jokes on me.
What I am about to write might upset some who read my Blogs and believe me when I say I am not denigrating them or anyone else. Every now and then I need intellectual stimulation. Don’t get me wrong I love talking and joking with my friends, it is just that every once in awhile I like to have my brain stirred up with a good conversation about History or Politics or Religion (me being a Heathen and all). Like last night, Sunday, on the Game of Thrones one of the Kings contending for the Iron Throne sacrifices his daughter to please the God of Light (Fire) it reminded me of the Iliad when Agamemnon sacrificed his daughter to get fair winds to send the fleet from Greece to Troy. If I said that to any of my friends they would have no idea what I was talking about and rightly so. They are not History nuts like me. The vast majority of folks living here in this senior’s apartment building are good salt of the earth hard working people who have retired here where the rent is affordable. Not everyone, me included, has a gold plated pension.
Some will say that I am being an intellectual snob again, if so sorry, but there is nothing I can do about how you feel. I’m intelligent, I know that, but I am not nor do I or would I claim genius status. I like my intellect challenged and of late that is not happening and I don’t know why. Over the past few months I have even lost my love of reading. I don’t know if it is because of my age or if it’s my circumstances as my health seems to be taking a bit of a hammering of late. Between my heart and my lungs there are days that I figure I’m not long for this mortal realm. I have joked about it in the past but there has been a couple of mornings lately that I have awakened and though why the hell am I still here. There are other things going on such as I’m remembering or dreaming of small mundane things that happened 60 years or more ago. That along with talking in my sleep is really starting to spook me. I am beginning to think that these memories and dreams are my brains’ way of staying active to slow down or stop any onset of atrophy. Use it or lose it.

It occurred to me a short while ago that all I have to do is keep my brain somewhat active until the end of this year. 2016 is Election year in Yankee Land and if ever there was a source of ammunition for writing it is the Greatest Comedy/Farce on earth. The CIRCUS MAXIMUS.



  1. Meg Stevens says:

    Two point here, the brain thingy is right on the spot. It’s the holder year s again.
    Now as for not brain fodder, I am a history buff and I love to talk about religion, not to denigrate it but to explore it.
    So any time let me know, and we can have a lively chat.

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