As of the above date there are 10 confirmed candidates and 3 pending for the Republican nomination for President. What an outstanding list of Religious Fundamentalists, Nut Bars, and borderline troglodytes it is. There is also 7 declared and 2 potential Democrats nominated who are of a somewhat better intellect. From now until 18-21 July 2016 we will witness the preliminary battles until the Primus occurs, commonly call the Republican or Democratic National Convention. By the time the conventions roll around the contestants will have been whittled down, usually, to two or three. These finalists will vie for the votes of the delegates present and the winner will be the nominee for President. This exact same process is also repeated in the Democrats’ camp with their convention set for 25-28 July 2016 in Philadelphia. {AVE IMPERATOR, MORITURI TE SALUTANT. (Those who are about to die salute you)}
In reality the process for both parties is bloodless but even so somewhat reminiscent of the Roman Games. The slanders’ innuendos, and in some cases outright lies will flow like the rains told about in the Bible that the Republicans are so fond of thumping. This Republican Party is the party of the wealthy, the Fundamentalists, the Climate change deniers, and of course the War Hawks. Some of its’ elected members, both state and federal, blame the recent weather disasters in parts of their country on the “Wrath of God” because of abortions and gay marriage and of course there is the “War against Christianity” that the liberal segment of their population is waging. Now being the outstanding upright Heathen that I am you would think I would be for that war. Well I’m not. If you are going to wage war like that it should be against all religions not just one. As Marx put it “Religion is the opiate of the masses”.
The fact that Canada and the U.S. are joined at the hip means that our airways get flooded with their political commercials because as much as I hate to admit it their TV programming is a bit better than ours. So I guess the price we pay is listening to the different candidates ripping each other apart. Not only do we get the Yankee political messages we are having an election this fall so we are also getting a fair share of our political candidates firing broadsides at each other. The good thing is ours don’t go on for a year plus. Perhaps the best thing in our electoral system is we do not vote direct for the Prime Minister, we vote for the party and the party with the most seats gets to have a go at running the country.

Politics like the common cold has been around since we first walked upright. Just one of those things we are cursed with like death and taxes. Alas without politics there is no order just anarchy, which every now and then doesn’t sound that bad. Fortunately I will only have to go through a maximum of 5 more elections. After that I won’t give a damn as I’ll be dead and having a blast flying amougst the Stars.


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