FATHERS’ DAY ???? 2015/06/21

I grew up with a step-father as my biological Father died in World War II. I don’t remember ever celebrating Fathers’ Day when I was a child or for that matter it wasn’t until I became a Father myself that it was celebrated. Mothers’ Day was different as we always celebrated that. One reason I guess Fathers’ Day wasn’t that important was that my step-father was hardly ever around as he worked all over the world and on most jobs my Mom and I couldn’t go with him.
No Fathers’ Day never really been big on my calendar with the exception of the years my girls were growing up. Once they became adults and moved on with their lives it has never really been a great priority. This is not their fault it is just that I’m not that big on celebrating the Day. Hell if you’re a Father you’re a Father 24/365 not just one day out of a year. I think I have been a pretty good Father. I know that there are a hell of a lot worse than me and a lot better than me. I don’t interfere in the lives of my daughters as they are grown women and a bit more world wise than me. That’s because they have careers and I have had a trade. You know white vs blue collar. This doesn’t mean I’m not here for them. They both know that I will do anything for them and even now that they have men in their lives I will protect them and even though this is melodramatic I would die for them. I have only really had one outstanding accomplishment in my life and that was siring both of them and helping them grow to the wonderful young women they are. I made mistakes along the way but I guess that was because children don’t come with an owner’s manual it is all OJT and trial and error. If I do say so myself I think I did fairly well as they turned out fantastic. Of course it wasn’t all me as their Mother had a lot to do with it.

So here it is Father’s Day 2015 and even though it is no big thing with me it is really most gratifying knowing that I am a Father and wouldn’t change that for all the gold in the Universe.


2 thoughts on “FATHER’S DAY ???

  1. Let’s hope Word Press accepts this comment. I felt So Badly that I was unable to post the 3 articles I had ready for Father’s Day…one of which I shall post, regardless
    when I have access to do so. In raising children, I fully agree…”Children do not come with an owner’s manual..” How True! And when my children were born, it was my incentive to raise them with greater appreciation and interaction than my sister and I had received ~ but to credit my parents: they did the best they could.

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