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STEPHENS LAST HURRAH?                                       2015/08/02

Well it is official. This Sunday morning Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Stevie Boy) requested that the Governor General the Right Honourable David Johnson dissolve Parliament and call a Federal Election for October 19th. This will be one of the longest Election Campaigns since 1872 at 77 days as compared to most which are 37 days (minimal) as the law states. In comparison to our cousin to the south whose campaign season is roughly an 18 months Circus compared to our “Block Party” and all the better. Over the past few days polls have shown that after 10 years of Harper and the Conservatives 66 per cent of Canadians want a change. The polls don’t say who that replacement should be, just that we want a change.
As I have stated many times before I am a Liberal. Always have been. Always will be. I will vote for my Liberal candidate in my riding but I fear that overall our next government will be N.D.P. (New Democratic Party) and the next Prime Minister will be Thomas Mulcair. I hope I am wrong but my guts are telling me that the country is in for at least 4 years of a Socialist Government. The perfect solution to this dilemma is a minority NDP backed by the Liberals. That at least will put the brakes on some of the more blatant socialist policies. The Social safety net that is in place already is good but it does needs a few tweaks here and there which include am infusion of more money. Still although it is not perfect it beats what the Yanks have.
Well for the next 77 days our little “Block Party” will go on largely ignored by the foreign media as they will be too involved covering the “Circus Maximus” south of the border. Which is probably a good thing as it will let us plod along in our quiet fashion and do our thing without all the hoopla attendant to the “Circus”.
77 days from now all those eligible to vote will trot off to their “Polling Station” to mark their “X” in pencil on the paper ballot and stuffed it into the ballot box. Yep; paper and pencil, no machines punching little holes in ballots and leaving shards behind or computers have electronic meltdowns because the wrong button was pushed or some nut bar hacker crashes the system. Some will call this system archaic but it has never had any major problems. “X” marks the spot and if the spot is missed the ballot is no good and declared invalid. Simple Eh!
For the next 11 weeks I will follow the campaign and make sacrifices to the “FATES” that the Liberals will win and Stevie boy and his Conservatives (Reform) get chased back to Texas North (Alberta) where they belong. From time to time during this period I will comment, hopefully with an unbiased (Yeah OK) attitude on the shenanigans that even our politicians get up to.


2 thoughts on “STEPHEN LAST HOORAH?

  1. Meg says:

    Good start off, the race is on.
    I agree a liberal gov, backed by the NDP
    Is the best solution, but let the dirty games begin.
    Keep us posted !!!!

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