This Thursday evening past I missed the Republican candidates debating on Fox TV. I have however since then watched clips of it on the news and You Tube and from this writer perspective I thank the fates that I am not an American.
The lineup consisted of 10 men as any female candidate was relegated to the “Kiddies Table” which took place earlier, Everyone’s favourite offspring of an Orangutan, Donald Trump, took centre position (because he leads in the polls) being flanked in descending order on his left by Bush, Carson. Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich. On his right in descending order were Walker, Huckabee, Rand, and Christie, a finer cross section of American politicians to be found anywhere. Euripides had it right when he stated “Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad” because with a line up the likes of these clowns those Americans of the Republican persuasion must indeed be going mad. Before I continue I wish to apologize to the Branch of the Family of Great Apes, Orangutan (genus Pongo) I meant no insult to you when I made the comparison between the lead clown, Trump, and your species.
Donald Trump, American Realty mogul/Billionaire and all round pompous, arrogant uncouth, misogynistic, buffoon started the debate by refusing to back any other Republican candidate should they win the nomination over him. Watching Trump as the debate progressed some of his facial expressions and gestures brought to my mind old film clips of another infamous buffoon, Mussolini. If the Fates decide to play an enormous joke on the U.S. and let this narcissistic, combed over, specimen be elected to the Presidency then the American people get what they deserve and the rest of the planet better start making plans for a mass evacuation of the populace to the nearest star system that will support life.
As I do not subscribe to Fox News (that fountain of knowledge) I had to watch the debate on You Tube. Actually I forced myself to sit through the over two hours of these ten men promising the “Keys to the Kingdom” and how they if elected President would make America strong again. It wasn’t until they brought God into the equation that I almost upchucked my breakfast. Like what the Hell does this imaginary super being have to do with the running of a country? One would think that the Republican Party will not be satisfied until it turns the U.S. into a theocracy.
I digressed a little so now let’s get back to the embarrassment of the evening, Donald John Trump. The man with more money than sense. If one wants the definition of pompousness look in the dictionary under Trump. Donald J. Trump would give Narcissus of Greek mythology a run for the title of most conceited. This individual’s arrogance has no bounds nor does the man know the meaning of manners and polite talk. To suggest that the female moderator on the debate panel had “blood coming out her eyes or wherever” in other words her questions were hormonally driven is the sign of an absolute boor. If he keeps putting his foot in his mouth, which he seems unable to resist, it will soon pop out his anus covered in you know what.

It is roughly 11 months give or take until the Republican National Convention in July 2016 and the selection of their candidate to run for President. Hopefully it will not be Trump but he might hold to his promise that if he is not chosen by the Republicans he will run as an Independent. This is good as it will split the Republican vote giving the Democrats the advantage. Of course the Fates are conniving so who knows what is in the future. Meth inks the next 11 months are going to quite interesting for our cousins to the south. I forgot to mention that at the same time as the Republican debate was going on we held the first National debate with all four leaders of our political Parties. It was conducted as a debate should be not the free for all that was held in Cleveland.


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