Maori war club

This day I had a run in with a bigot who happens to reside in this building. This individual is the epitome of a blue collared racist. I have listen to this person spout bigoted rhetoric for over a year and to-day I finally blew and called him what he is to his face. In fact we almost came to blows over his garbage spouting mouth.
I am immigrant and have lived in Canada more years than this individual has lived. I was brought to this country from Scotland at the age of five by my step-father who was a Canadian. I have been fortunate over the years to travel to a few different parts of the world and meet other people in other cultures and I personally could care less as to what race, colour, ethnicity, or religion anyone is. I try desperately to treat people as I would like to be treated. Unfortunately that does not always work and at times in anger I have made ethnic slurs. Once I cooled down and got control of myself I would always apologize.
In the case I am writing about I have never heard such egregious claptrap fall from the lips of any being until I ran into this sorry excuse for a Homo Sapien. If what pours from his lips most of the time is not blatant lies it is close as damn it. It is my opinion that this person makes the “Archie Bunkers” of the world look and sound like liberals. A saint I am not and to tell the truth in my preteens I was a racist using all the derogatory labels for the different peoples around us. It wasn’t until I was went to live in Jamaica that I learned to accept that there are different colours and races in the world. It didn’t happen overnight nor did I have a revelation. It just slowly dawned on me that there really was no difference. People are people. Hell when you boil it all down we all originated in the same place, the Rift Valley in eastern Africa.
Today for some reason I had had enough of this troglodyte’s verbiage and I blew. It was as if all the dislike for this person that has been bottled up over the past year or two erupted like the cork from a champagne bottle. I know that I should not have let it get to me but I just could not sit there and listen to the crap that was spewing from his mouth. Three of my friends were sitting with me and thankfully they intervened as I was getting ready to do some physical damage to his face. To be honest I felt like reaching in his mouth and pulling his tongue out by the roots and handing it to him. Thankfully cooler heads in the area prevailed and I walked away from him with the admonishment never to speak to me again.
In my opinion this person is living in the wrong country. He acts and looks like a “Red Necked Southern Boy” methinks he would be right at home with a pickup truck and a shotgun in the rear window.



  1. David, I knew how you reacted to the situation after speaking with me in reception this afternoon. Something had to give, far as you were concerned; for you, it gave you some satisfaction after building up so much negative fervour. for a long period of time. Thank God, it was only verbal…but that kind of abuse is often worse Stay Cool, My Friend…even in the face of adversity!

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