Wednesday evening, last, I watched the second Republican Candidates debate broadcast by CNN. The debate was broken into two parts the first starting at roughly 7:00pm with the 4 candidates with the least support according to polls. I didn’t pay much attention to it as I was far more curious about the second portion and the eleven participants. The eleven included Carla Fiorina who gained enough in the polls after the first debate to qualify to play with the so called big boys. As far as I am concerned she not only played with the big boys she out classed them.

The main event started at 8:00 pm and went through until 11:00pm. I lasted until 10:15 and called it quits as I had had enough of the bombast and braggadocio although I did like the way Fiorina shot Trump down on more than one occasion. Along the same line Marc Rubio and Jeb Bush also scored points at Trumps expense. For some time the candidates seemed to get hung up on their track record trying to out boast each other with their past political accomplishments. Trump just bragged about all the money he made and ignored the fact that he had filed for bankruptcy 4 times on some business ventures.
“The Donald” a bombastic, narcissistic, chauvinistic, spoiled rotten 69 year old bully going on 2. Whenever he opens his mouth to speak in a political venue pure nonsense spills out. I do believe that when it comes to politics the “Peter Principal” (rises to ones level of incompetence) would definitely apply to Mr. Trump. He should stick to what he is good at and that is making money in Real Estate. Even the remote possibility of this person becoming President of the U.S. is terrifying. Dealing with world leaders, especial ones that aren’t too friendly, is a great deal different than sitting across the table making a business deal. Trump maybe great at making deals but if I were an American I don’t think I’d trust him to have his finger on the “Nuclear Trigger”. It is debatable if Trump has an empathetic bone in his body.

It was surprising to note that Ted Cruz didn’t have as much to say as I thought he would. Other that a few rounds of bragging about his track record he basically was shut out. Rand Paul got a few shots in but nothing fatal, as did Chris Christy. Ben Carson and Jeb bush held on but just barely and John Kasich definitely boasted far too much about his track record as both congressman representing Ohio and current Governor of the state.
As an outsider looking in I personally believe that neither the Democrats nor Republicans at this point has a plausible candidate for the Presidency. Then of course there is still a year to go to the election and anything can happen. Let’s just hope that the Fates don’t play a big joke and allow Trump to be elected. If this horrific scenario should become fact I for one will be looking for a fast way (short of termination) off the Planet.


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