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LXXIII. 2015/09/30

This day, 30 September, is just like any other day with the one very small exception. It is my 73rd Birthday. Wow! 73 years of life for one who never really expected to live much past 60. Hey I ain’t complainin’. Kinda like being around. Been a pretty darn good life so far. Been places and done things that a lot of people haven’t. Had its’ ups and downs. Biggest ups were the birth of my two daughters and the biggest down was the end of my marriage. No body’s fault. Just happened.
Some say I’m in my second childhood and some, like my oldest, will say I’ve never left my first. I guess that is because I still tend to do some crazy things. I always wanted a motorcycle and never got one. So a few years ago I was introduced to E-Scooters and I am now on my 4th one. The last three looked a little like Vespas or Lambrettas with the exception that they are electric and don’t go much faster than 45 KPH. They are, however a blast. I don’t own a car and in fact don’t have a drivers’ license anymore as I couldn’t see paying over $90.00 for something I wouldn’t be using. Although sometime I think I might have goofed on that. Oh well, what’s done is done. Anyway back to the subject at hand.
Turning 73 now makes me the oldest male in the family. (Does that make me the Patriarch?) The oldest member is my Aunt Kathy at 93 and she is definitely the Matriarch. Hope I’m still around at that age. Just had a thought pop into my head that another milestone in my life is coming up. On October 7th it will be my 68th anniversary of coming to Canada. My Step-father brought us here and we landed at Pier 21, Halifax, October 7 1947. Guess you could say that was my first adventure and one of my biggest.
In my 73 years I have had a variety of Jobs, Journeyman Electrician, Truck Driver, Bus and Streetcar Driver, Soldier, Construction Foreman, Apartment Superintendent, and a few other things. The best job I ever had and still do is being a Father, and Grandfather. Actually that is not a job, it is a Joy and Privilege. Like all fathers I am biased but no one could ask for two of the greatest Daughters any Father could have.
So here it is 30 September again and another year has passed. I have been retired now for just over two years and life is good. I still dream of owning a motorcycle (CAN-AM SPYDER) and going to BORA BORA. Dreams I know but HEY who knows.


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