Condemned bldg

4100 2015/10/03


It has been some time since I wrote anything on 4100 and you will note that I removed the Warehouse part of the title. It offended a few people who read my postings and I see where it might have. No offense was ever intended.
Things have been happening around here what with people coming and going. Some have taken their final trip and others have moved to long term care and some have just moved to what they claim are better residences. There are still one or two that should in care facilities but are still here. They either suffer from Alzheimer’s or a mental illness. One of them has almost started a fire twice by leaving a pot on the stove until it boils dry and causes the smoke alarm to go off. The residents who have mental problems exacerbate their condition by not taking their medication and as a result they say or do some weird things. Of course that could also apply to the writer as at times I do some weird things just for fun.
Those who read my posting know that I ride an E-Scooter as I don’t own a car. Well I just traded up to a new one. This one named (The Beast) is an 80 volt where my last one was only 60. The new scooter is lighter and 10kph faster than the Hurricane. This is my forth one and very well will be my last. Hey! Like my oldest said I’m still in my first childhood and having FUN. Anywho enough on me.
4100 hasn’t had any drastic changes. The Temptress is still here and still going to the mall and coming home with bargains. Pretty soon she is going to have to either get rid of some of her cloths or talk Housing in to making her closet bigger. Another friend got her first med-scooter and it is a pretty neat little thing. She asked and got a small one so she could get on the bus with it. A friend who shall remain unidentified went to a male strip club and seemingly had a blast. Something about a private lap dance. OK! I told her that as she goes to church that ole St. Pete would be marking that as an X on her record. Well at least she had fun. That’s the problem with young folk when it comes to us seniors. Just because we pass 65 doesn’t mean we lay down and wait for the undertaker. Most of us have lots of get up and go and like me intend to have fun. When the guy in black robes and a big scythe comes calling he’s getting a boot and told to come back when I’m good and ready. (WHICH WILL BE NEVER IF I CAN GET AWAY WITH IT).


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