Originally I was going to write an article bashing the U.S. and its’ gun violence but then I realized it was a waste of effort. There will be enough wrote and said within the U.S, Media that I doubt what I write here will register outside of those who read my writings.
This is the 2nd day after the mass school shooting in Oregon and before the smell of powder has cleared American politicians were falling over one another expressing their condolences and their prayers. This is so hypocritical but it has become the normal predictable response of the American Congress and Senate. The politicians spout their platitudes and agree that something has to be done but afraid of the N.R.A. (National Rifle Association) so much that they will not go against them for fear that they lose their seat in government. Speaking of the N.R.A. they seem unusually quiet after this shooting, not like the other times when they were almost obscenely quick to point the blame away from themselves.
Last week the media showed the Pope addressing a joint session of the Congress and Senate and pointed out that the Vice President and the Speaker of the House were devout Catholics. The Speaker even tearing up at what the Pope said. If these two plus quite a few other Senators and Congress men and women are such devout Catholics then why is it nothing done to stop these mass murders? Ironic isn’t it that they shout their belief in their God yet through omission aide these insane murders easy access to weapons so they can break the 7th Commandment “Thou Shalt not Kill”.
Not one U.S. Senator or Congressman/woman has the political courage to stand and scream ENOUGH. Mention gun control and the N.R.A. goes on high alert and uses all its clout to intimidate any and all who would speak against the 2nd Amendment. Which by the way through a campaign of falsehoods has completely corrupted the meaning and intent of that amendment. The N.R.A. has 5 million members yet it is one of the most powerful lobby groups in the U.S. If an individual who is either running or rerunning for congress mentions Gun Control he’s toast. Bothe House of the American Government seem to live in fear of this organization. The majority of money that backs the N.R.A. comes not from its members but from the gun and ammunition manufacturers. The spokesman for the N.R.A., Wayne Lapierre is quick to lay the blame on gun control, and spinning these incidents as a Mental Health Issue while lobbying against background checks to weed the unstable out. So far the guy has got his cake and ate it to.
In a few weeks the Oregon shooting will be off the news and things will go back to usual, that is until the next mass shooting occurs. Methinks ( fates forbid) if a mass shooting happened at the N.R.A. Headquarters they would definitely sing a different tune.



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