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Well just 13 days until the Federal Election. We are fortunate at 4100 as the Polling Station is set up in the buildings’ Common Room. Most convenient, providing no excuse for not voting. A large number of the residents, including me, don’t know who is running for what party as it seems the candidates can’t be bothered coming to the building to make their pitch. In my case it’s no problem because I always vote Liberal and on Election Day I just look for the name of the Liberal candidate and put my X beside the name. I think but I’m not sure that the Liberal candidate for this riding (which I couldn’t tell you name of) is a woman and I say good for her. I believe in equal opportunity. If politics corrupt men then let’s give the women an equal chance to be corrupted.

All politicians are in some part Flim Flam men/women in that they all promise the keys to the kingdom and once elected seem to lose them. The trick is to pick out the candidate or party that has the most convincing spiel. Personally I am a creature of habit and even if I don’t agree 100% with the Liberal Party I vote for them. I think on a previous occasion I described myself as a “Blue Liberal” other words somewhat conservative. I tag myself this because unlike most Liberals I believe in a strong military, the death penalty (in certain instances like Bernardo), and that immigrants should adapt to our culture and laws not the other way around. Before I forget I looked up what riding I live in and surprise it’s Burlington and I also looked up the Liberal candidate, Karina Gould. Ain’t computers amazing? I know, I know, sometimes it takes the penny a while to drop. Some of my fellow residents have stated that they are not going to vote because it does no good. Well how will they know if they don’t vote? They want to get rid of Harper and his Conservatives but they won’t help by voting. Like I said the poll is right here in the building so it isn’t like they have to go out just walk to the common room. A lot of folks I know just want Harper to take a hike as they are fed up with him. Harper and the Conservatives have been in power for 9 plus years and it is time for them to hit the road. I’m a Liberal and of course I would like to see them in power but I have reservations about their leader Justin Trudeau. He is not his father, Pierre and I don’t think he has the experience to be P.M. just now. I could be wrong. Who knows he might surpass his famous Dad. I don’t trust the N.D.P. as they smack a little too much of socialism. I like my socialism in small doses. The Conservative have screwed the country up enough so I want them gone. After all they are more Reform than Progressive Conservative.
Well like stated it is only 13 days until the election and by bed time on the 19th we will know who is in power. If the Fates are kind it won’t be the Cons.
Finally for something completely irrelevant to this posting. On Wed. 7 Oct. marks the 68th anniversary of my arrival in Canada. Don’t know why but I had to put that in.



  1. THiS YEAR I am definitely voting Liberal…I see her signs around, although she is unknown for me. In this Federal Election, it is evident we MUST VOTE for Party we want to be in Power. I firmly believe, that although the youngest of the 3 top contenders, Justin Trudeau offer the best platform…seems most sincere and positivity (if that’s possible for politicians!!!), but to me, he has something to prove and shows at least the highest form of GOALS backed by his SINCERITY! I’ll be working Election Day as I do in all Provincial and Federal Elections. I do get to count the ballots for each party at end of the day at the poll to which I’ll be assigned.

  2. Meg says:

    You should make up a sign with the candidates names and party and post it just before the election so that some people may change their minds.

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