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THIS IS CANADA EH! 2015/10/08

Canadian Politics are a reflection of our society, reserved, middle of the road with no real extremes. It seems one of the issues is the Niqab that some Muslim women wear to hide their face. The Conservatives want to ban it at certain functions such as being sworn in as a citizen. They are also proposing banning it if you are employed in the Federal Civil Service. The Liberals and the N.D.P. are against any such a ban saying it is a case of civil rights and religious freedom. Here’s where I break with my Party and have to state that I agree with the Tories. From what I have read the Quran mentions nothing about the niqab and covering the faces of females it is more of an old tribal custom. Guess it goes back to the times when they use to steal each other’s women so they hid the women’s faces so they all looked alike and not only the good looking ones got kidnapped. The point is that in our society nobody hides their face unless you are robbing a bank. A friend and resident of the building forwarded an E-mail that says you can’t wear a hat or glasses, can’t show teeth or smile, and no profile for your Drivers Licence but a niqab is OK. Something is wrong here.
The niqab isn’t the only issue nor is it world shattering. There is of course the economy, which I must admit I really don’t know much about. Other issues are immigration, refugees, the fight against ISIL and health care. There is also something referred to as TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) a new Free trade agreement involving 12 Pacific Rim Nations. Here again I don’t know too much about that. Hell, I’m retired and the big issues for me are my pensions and healthcare.
Another issue for me is the way the Yanks encroach on us with their culture and I fear that there will not be a Canada in 50 years. Maybe it just me but it seems that the younger people are acting more like Americans than Canadians. Of late gun violence is on the rise what with these young people shooting one another. That’s a Yankee thing not Canadian. Part of the problem is with the education system in Canada now. They rarely if ever teach History and if they do it is revised History. For some unknown reason the powers that be are ashamed of our proud Military History. From 1756 when the French and Indian War was fought (Sideshow of the Seven Years War 1756-63) When the French and British fought for the possession of Canada (Brits won) to the Boer War, 1stWW, 2ndWW, Korea, Peacekeeping, our mission in Afghanistan and now with our commitment to defeat ISIL we have a proud and honourable military record. Canada is not a warlike nation but when the need arises we have always been there.
As a Liberal I still deplore the cut backs to our Armed Forces started under Trudeau and carried through until this Conservative government who reversed the cuts but instead of doing peacekeeping we were more and more involved in combat and peacemaking. Am I being nostalgic or is the Canada I grew up in slowly fading into memory? I pray the Fates will not be so cruel as to let perhaps if not the best one of the best countries on Earth to disappear. My Dad use to always say “if it’s Canadian, it’s the best”. Well the 2015 Federal Election is upon us and let us hope that the country elects the best. After all we are “THE TRUE NORTH. STRONG AND FREE”.


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