To-day I decided that if I am going to write comments on Islam maybe I had better learn a bit more about it than I remember from reading years ago. In this light I ordered an English copy of the Quran. Now before anyone gets any crazy Ideas about me turning back to religion the copy I ordered is for reference only like the Bible I orders months ago. If I am going to fire off broadsides at any religion I had better bone up on the subject.
Here in the waning days of 2015 the radical Jihadist organization ISIL has struck for the second time in Paris. Hey people are you locked in a time warp? The Crusades ended some 500 years ago and Islam won as the Holy Land remained under Muslim control up to the mid-20th century when the state of Israel was re-established by U.N. mandate. Islam is the worlds’ second largest religion with roughly 1.6 Billion followers. The Arab states are sitting on most of the worlds’ oil reserves. Over the centuries since its rise Islam has fostered literature, poetry, science, and mathematics, i.e.: Algebra and the zero. With all this though you still want the world to think and worship your way. One would think that with 1.6 billion adherents who are willing to “Submit” Islam would be satisfied but no, certain sects are hell bent on either converting or killing those they term “Infidel” or “Unbeliever”. The Prophet Mohammed stated that there are three people of the Book, Jew, Christian, and Muslim, all three which are monotheistic and basically follow the same teachings. So if all three religions are grounded in the same teachings what the hell is Islam’s problem? From the death of Constantine who became a Christian on his death bed, in the early 4th Century up to the early 17th Century Christianity was constantly fighting to prove which sect was the true one. Perhaps this is the dying throes of that same internal conflict within Islam. If this be the case it is always the innocent who bear the brunt of the suffering.
I am as I have stated on many occasions I am anti-religion, but that is a personal choice and I do not nor will try to convince others to follow my beliefs. Not all Muslims are fanatical fundamentalist set on tearing the world around them down to oblivion. The vast majority of religious people are good hard working folk who go about their business and follow the “Golden Rule”. All the followers of Mohammed should not be castigated because there are a few barrels of rotten apples amongst them. The western world has taken on the burden of accepting refugees from Syria and other oppressive Arab states the majority of which have fled to Europe with countries as far north as Scandinavia willing to accept them. Two countries on the North American Continent are ready and willing to take in refugees one though is balking at the idea of letting thousands of them come because of the fear of Muslim terrorists. A great deal of these refugees, especially from Syria, are Christians so are they to be condemned along with the Muslims because a few nut bars might sneak in. These refugees will be screened as thoroughly as possible for security and health reasons, unfortunately a few terrorist might slip through the net as some did in France.
I am but one retired senior trying to make sense of this world and working constantly to rid myself of old prejudices and stereotypes that were the norm while I was growing up. Anyone who was different was to be feared. People are People. There are good and bad in all of us the problem is that some within the Muslim world seem to think that only they are good and the rest of us are an evil to be eradicated.


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