IN IRONS. (Nautical Term meaning stalled)

Jeez I hate this time of year. My Scooter is in storage and I have a severe case of the winter “BLAHS”. As you can see by the date it is the end of January and ahead lies February the month when you know what hits the fan weather wise. The way I’m feeling I really don’t much care. At this point I am in the doldrums with little expectation of a refreshing wind to get me moving soon. In Nautical terms I am “in Irons” or in other words I’m stalled. Of late nothing seems to peak my interest. For a while there, the Republican Primary in the US caught my interest. Especially the presence of Donald J. Trump and his Mussolini style pompous poises and gestures. Now after a couple of months of his Buffoonery he no longer interest me as a topic of a Bashing. Perhaps he will call me back to give him a good written bashing and help break this, I was going to say slump, but that doesn’t cover it, perhaps crevasse more aptly describes my predicament.

Part of my daily routine is around 1:30 pm. Monday through Friday I go down to the lobby and sit with some of my friends to talk and joke around but lately even that no longer interests me. Another problem is that they really don’t have the same interests as me and without sounding snobbish their intellectual capacity is not on my level. I am not a Genius but I have been told many, many times that I am intelligent. That comes mainly from reading and the ability to retain most of what I take in. There is also the fact that I have seen more of the world than they have as I have traveled quite a bit. I have also had a variety of jobs in my working years. In my fifty-three years of working I have been a Bus & Streetcar driver, Truck Driver, construction worker and a Journeyman Electrician, and the last 18 years of work I was an apartment Superintendent.

I have been retired for 3 years now and believe me when I say it is not cracked up to what they say. In fact the so called “Golden Years” are a myth. To me retirement equates to boredom but then that could me my own fault. It has been two months since I last posted and some of that time I have an excuse for (I managed to contract Shingles) but most of the time I just couldn’t be bothered. Yesterday afternoon I had a conversation with a friend about nothing in particular but combined with my looking up some old blogs from five years ago it seems to have got my intellectual and writing juices flowing again. The fact that the weather is supposed to warm up next week might also have some bearing on the matter. We’ll soon see if I have snapped out of my lethargy and crawled out of my crevasse.


5 thoughts on “IN IRONS

  1. To say a person has ‘lethargy’ this time of year, is a mild statement! Join the Club!
    Like anything in LIfe, we need to ‘prepare for it’…read a book off-topic from your usual interest span…try a craft for a change (even an Adult Colouring Book: try it, you might even like it)…dress warmly and have a ‘fresh-air-walk’…try a new activity at the Seniors’ Centre…learn a new game of cards, etc, etc, etc. and the list goes on!

  2. Linda says:

    Hi David: I think the fact that you wrote this article means you are on the mend from the doldrums. You can only go up from here. Keep at it (writing that is).

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