Usa: The Rise of the Dark Side. 2016/02/27

It has been five months since we last visited the Magical Kingdom of Usa. Things have changed dramatically in the Kingdom and as the primaries run down to the day of the Republican Convention in July, a dark mist is rising heralding the rebirth of the Dark Forces that have always lurked just below the surface of the Usa political system. “Something wicked this way comes” and it masquerades as an orange haired, narcissistic, bombastic, multi-billionaire demagogue. This Mussolini-esque clown caters to the lowest denominator of the voting public of Usa. He appeals to the low income low educated dis-satisfied angry section of the populace. He struts, poses, and pouts like Il Duce of 20th century infamy. He is not above stooping to outright lies in his bid to win over adoring followers. Maybe, like Mussolini before him he has visions of Empire with himself as Caesar.
He smacks of a modern day Pied Piper playing his flute casting its’ spell over the masses as they dance to his favourite melody “Let’s make Usa great again”. He vilely and derogatorily attacks any and all who would question or criticize him. He is not above having his security forcefully, if necessary, remove dissenters or protesters from his gatherings. He vilifies those of different races, nationalities, and religions calling some rapists, murderers, or drug dealers. He rales against immigrants yet his first wife and his present wife are immigrants. He claims to be a God Fearing Man yet condemns those who worship the same God, different name, because of the murderous actions of a minority of radicals. As of now he is the Frontrunner for the Republican nomination for Chief Wizard and if by some quirk of the Fates he assumes the Mantel then the rest of the world should shudder and pray to whatever deity they believe in for dark times are coming.
The populace of Usa is going through frustrating times in that a great many of them are fed up with the smooth talking, slick politicians. These are the ones that promise anything and give nothing as they are corrupted by the system and they will not overturn the applecart. Churchill had a number of quotes on Democracy two of which I have copies here: Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others” and “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter”. This latter quote, in my opinion describes the segment of the populace of Usa that “Orange Haired” one caters to. So in five months the world will know who the Republican Candidate is and three months after in November they will hold their election and the rest of the world will hold their breath praying any and all gods it is not the “Orange Haired” one who wins.

(Something Wicked this way comes is the title of a dark fantasy by Ray Bradbury).


2 thoughts on “Usa: THE RISE OF THE DARK SIDE.

  1. Meg says:

    You got that right. I do not understand Americans, in general. Even though I have a large number of American friends who seem to be sane. It is if some evil spel comes over them during the 2 years of electioneering.

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