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VOICE OF 4100. 2016/03/31

Some of the residents of 4100 are attempting to form a new discussion group after the demise of the “Coffee Club”. So far we have between 10 and 14 members on average. This is a rather low number but efforts are and will be made to increase the membership as the more residents that get involved the bigger will be our clout with the Halton Community Housing Bureaucracy. Our aim is to try and get some concerns we and others have about the building and some incidents that have occurred here. It is fully realized that we live in a low income apartment building for seniors and the rent is geared to income. It is also acknowledged that this building along with others of the same ilk are governed by the “Ontario Housing Corporation” so it falls under a different set of rules than other privately owned apartment buildings.
The new group started up as the “Coffee Clan” on 3rd Feb. 2016 after the demise of the “Coffee Club” and became “The Voice of 4100: on the 22nd of March. The group has gotten off to, I wouldn’t say great, nor would I say rough start as we are going through birthing pains and the start of growth pains. Right now I would say our biggest problem is attracting more participants. I have a few thoughts on that but I will save them until the next meeting, Tuesday, 5 April and bring them up for discussion. One thing I and I would opine others also do not want is for this to turn into a forum for griping. The primary focus should be and must be concerns regarding the building, the tenants, and dealings with Halton Housing.
Halton Housing has a system where a representative from each building they own elects a “Tenant Rep” who attends monthly meetings at the head office. Minutes are kept, printed and distributed to each building. This is too keep the tenants informed as to the goings on at Halton Housing. If we can encourage more tenants to get involved with the “Voice” it could become a conduit to Halton Housing and possibly apply pressure to get some things accomplished here at 4100.


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