Of late I have this feeling of lethargy and dissatisfaction that I am having difficulty throwing off. As has occurred in the past this is about the tenth time I have sat down to write only to say to hell with it after fifteen or twenty minutes. I come up with good topics only to become totally dissatisfied and abort any attempt to set them to paper.
The lethargy is interrupted with bouts of restlessness which become most frustrating as I am still grounded. I find it still a bit chilly to take off on my Scooter. Hopefully, if I survive for the next two weeks without going bananas I will be on the road and free.
This past winter, although there wasn’t that much snow, seemed interminably long and as to spring, well, it cannot make up its’ mind whether to grace us or possibly along with summer jump into autumn. I am finding it a struggle to challenge myself and if it wasn’t for my books I think I’d be a resident in the local loonie bin. Speaking of books. About two years ago I bought a book entitles “Marching as to War’ by Pierre Burton. I finally got around to opening it and I must say it is a fascinating look at Canada and her Wars. Pierre Burton wasn’t called “Mr. Canada” for nothing, his books on our History are some of the best reading on our past. I love History and I think I am fairly knowledgeable about some facets of the subject. I am fascinated about Canada and WW I and much to my delight I am learning more and more about this cauldron that brought about “Canadas’ Coming of Age”. It was this absolutely unnecessary Blood feast that showed the world that Canada was no longer a British Colony but a Nation capable of standing on our own. We along with the Anzacs were Britain’s “Shock Troops” who made it possible for the Allies to win. Long have the Americans claimed that they won WW I but they did not enter combat until 28 May 1918 about 170 days before the war ended on 11 November 1918. OOOPS! Sorry about that. Did it again. Started writing about a History Book and got derailed.
Well the topic is Ramblings but I got carried away a little in the last paragraph. I chose the title I think I am becoming Jaded because of late there has not been much to peak my interest for any length of time. It is like that saying “Been there; Done that”. Surely you would think I could come up with something that will interest me enough to get the old grey matter percolating instead of just sitting inside my skull on simmer. Perhaps it is just the weather and the time of year. Officially it had been spring for just over a month but most of the time it feels like autumn. As I said above it just can’t seem to make up its’ mind as to what it wants to do. If the forecast is anywhere near accurate it is supposed to climb into the teens on Tuesday 2nd May and pretty well remain there for the remainder of the week. I’ll believe it when and if it happens. If it does turn out that the good weather is here to stay I’ll get my scooter out of storage and be free of the confines of my apartment.
To divert a bit, I watched on the news Friday night that there is a store in Oakville that sells electric motorcycles. They are capable of 100kph with a range of 200km the draw back is you need a motorcycle license and insurance plus the fact that they range in price from $12,000.00 to $25,000.00 and there is no way I can afford that. Actually it is a bit annoying that all these new technological wonders come about when I am in the declining years of my life. It is to put it childishly “NOT FAIR”. Oh Well maybe the next time around. Eh!



  1. Meg says:

    That is probably one of the best “rambles” you have done. Nicely done, and you are not the only one P… Off, over the absence of warm weather.

  2. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    Hi David…so pleased you are again capable of writing a personal blog about your sentiments and troubles.

    Very informative and an easy read. Good Luck with your health issues and ‘take on life’ these days. I’m confident Better Days are Ahead!!!

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