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In about 177 days our southern neighbours will hold their Presidential Election and the world will hold its’ collective breath waiting for the results. If Trump gets elected Franco, Hitler, and Mussolini will be dancing a jig in Hell.
Europe, after WW I was ripe for social upheaval. Russia pulled out of the conflict in February 1917 after a revolution that deposed the Tsar. This first revolution was followed by a second one in October of 1917 and this swept the Bolshevik (Communists) into power. Germany was smarting under the terms of the Versailles Treaty, and the country was split by numerous political factions. In Italy, in 1922 Mussolini, the founder of Fascism, was democratically elected Prime Minister and 3 years later in 1925 threw aside all pretense of being Democratic and declared himself dictator taking the Tile of El Duce, “The Leader”. By 1923 Adolph Hitler, Der Fuher (Leader) controlled the NAZI (National Socialist German Workers” Party” and in 1933 was appointed Chancellor 0f Germany by the Reichstag (Parliament). So by 1933 two of the Three Fascists Leader had used the democratic system of their countries to become Dictators. The third Dictator Franco who was also a Fascist rose to power after the Spanish Civil War. (1936-1939). All three of these men led oppressive governments the worst being Germany under Hitler. Hitler and Mussolini were responsible for WW II in Europe resulting in tens of millions of deaths. That is another story as this concerns how democratic nations can succumb to the siren call of racism, bigotry, and lies.
When the electorate become angry, disillusioned, and despondent they become susceptible to the rantings of Demagogues and Donald J. Trump falls into that category right up there with old Adolph, and Benito. Trump like those before him cater to the lowest level of peoples’ character. He brings out the Bigots and Racist because he makes them feel that it is perfectly alright to vent their hatred publicly. His appeal is to the ultra conservatives who despise and fear change. He claims to be a Christian and even stated that “no one knows the Bible better than he does” perhaps he should read it more carefully especially Mathew “Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves”. Trump is the epitome of the egotistical narcissist out for himself and only himself.
Trump has split the Republican Party between the old insider professional politician (The Devil we know) and the disaffected (The Devil we don’t know). He plays upon their fears and hatred giving them a target to vent their pent up frustrations on. This is reminiscent of Hitler with his anti-Semitism. In Trumps case it is the old guard Republicans and the Liberals. Trump has also stirred up the bigots, White Supremacists, and racists. In Germany the powers that be looked upon Hitler as a buffoon, a joke, who stood no chance of coming to power. Their laughter stopped when thousands upon thousands were march off to the Concentration and Labour Camps. In the US history is on the brink of repeating itself and I wonder if those that laugh now might soon be trembling in fear.
Edmund Burke said it best “The only thing necessary for the triumph of Evil is for good men to do nothing.



  1. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    Great historical article…to which I have responded. And thanks greatly for y our thoughtfulness in supplying me and The Voice of 4100…with a gavel…what a surprise…you really do have a warm heart!

  2. Meg says:

    Very well done, but ! You left out my all time favourite Joseph Stalin.
    Now there was a guy!!!
    Any ways I liked the blog.

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