We have all heard the phrase “A marriage made in Heaven”, well yesterday a marriage was made in Hell with the endorsement of Donald Trump by the NRA. The gun nuts are now in bed with Americas’ greatest Buffoon and it is, as always the innocent who will pay the price.
Trump has accused his Democratic opponent Hilary Clinton of wanting to abolish the 2nd Amendment and if this is the case then rightly so. This amendment should have died in the 19th century as it is obsolete. I don’t think the US needs a well armed citizen militia to repel invaders. It can be stated for a fact that the British aren’t coming back. Trump the consummate liar has fallen for one of the biggest, lies put out by NRA in American History and that is the absolute right to bear arms. The amendment was intended as a means to protect the country but has been high jacked by the NRA and the Gun Lobby and perverted.
I have been in the military so I know a little about guns and one thing I can say with certainty is that guns have one purpose and one purpose only, to kill. There are those that say a gun is just a tool and it is, but it is a tool with only one purpose. An axe or a knife are also tools and yes they can be used to kill but they have other purposes to chop wood, cut meat, and to create works of carved art. Having witnessed in war the damage that guns have wrought on the human body they have absolutely no place in civilian society. Unfortunately, a great many do not believe that and the death toll from shootings climb each year. So far this year, 2016, 5,013 people have died by guns in the U.S. that’s more than the 2,996 killed on 9/11.
Now Trump has prostituted himself with the NRA and if by some unconceivable twist of fate, he is elected then those same fates should take pity on the rest of the world. This egotistical, narcissistic liar will be the head of the most powerful military on the planet with his finger within easy reach of the button that can end everything as we know it and bring about another Dark Age, one that we might never recover from. Euripides might just be right when he said “Whom the Gods would destroy they first make made mad”.


2 thoughts on “SHOTGUN WEDDING?

  1. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    DAvid…you are so historically knowledgeable….and I respect you for that! I thorougly agree with your concepts. And I hope, like Hell, that Trump does NOT win the election!!!!!!!!!!!!

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