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To leave or not to leave? 2016/05/24.

Lately I have been giving much thought to leaving the “Voice of 4100”. I am discontented and somewhat frustrated with the format yet I have no idea how to fix it. I have no complaints about the other members or at least I didn’t until to-days’ meeting when one member showed an attitude I never considered. This individual went on a Bigoted, Racist, verbal rampage. I will be honest and say that incident has merely added further food for thought. To say the least, I do not like bigots and racists.
At this weeks meeting I announced that the May 31st meeting, would be my last. After some comments and discussion, I said that I would think more on it and give my answer then. As it stands right now I am ambivalent as to leaving or staying. So like Hamlet I am in a quandary “To Leave or Not to Leave” there in lies the rub. The basic premise behind “The Voice” is sound but it seems to me that we are floundering with little or no clue on how to fix it.
I started this on the 24th shortly after the meeting and it is now the 26th and I am still leaning heavily on the leaving side of my quandary. Perhaps the proverbial straw was the disgusting rant by that other member. There is also the fact that I was the only one, other than one other who kept saying no, no, who spoke out on the subject and called the individual what they were, a racist and a bigot. As I am 90% sure that I am leaving the group on the 31st it will no longer be my concern but that individual should be censured and asked to leave. There should be and must be “ZERO TOLERANCE” on attitudes like that.


2 thoughts on “TO LEAVE OR NOT TO LEAVE.

  1. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    David…I’ve read your comments…and understand from where you are coming. AS you recall, several invited you to stay with us…we respect your knowledge of history, war, religion…and all other topics of interest to you. The program, beginning next Tuesday, will be altered: More TIME given to comments and questions re the Personal Perspectives segment, as in Madeleines’ talk about the Abuse of Seniors. More TIME will also be given for the Open Discussion (following the “Voice of 4100” business review of previous week)…more time WILL BE GIVEN to the Open Discussion segment… arrangements and plans (firstly on Tuesday’s list is the appointment of a committee to plan the intended summer BBQ)….and other business….PROVIDED CONVERSATION REMAINS CALM AND DISCUSSED IN AN APPROPRIATE P0LITE MANNER.

    As you know, I respect all suggestions … and in most cases will make adjustments accordingly. Kindly stay with us.

  2. Meg says:

    As you very well know, you can not change people with arguments and criticism, change is encouraged by example. I day not believe that the person in question is as bigoted as he pretends to be. He will be talked to and will not talk like that again.
    We have tweaked our program, and I would encourage you to stay, as I believe we all can learn from each other.
    You know David that there are times when I have criticized you for prejudice, we all have faults. ” If a person has 100 faults and 1 good attribute, look only at the 1 good attribute and ignore the faults. ” this is how we can create harmony.
    I encourage you to stay, as we all enjoy your presence.

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