PREJUDICE vs. DISDAIN. 2016/05/30

PREJUDICE: An opinion not based on actual experience.
DISDANE: Be moved with indignation.
Above are but one definition each in the Oxford Dictionary. The reason they are posted is that I have been accused of being prejudiced towards Religion.
As my so called prejudice is based on actual experience it is my contention that it is not prejudice but disdain. Until the age of 17 I was a Christian following the Roman Catholic conception of that religion. It was at that age that all the doubts and questions that had been building since I was 11 came to a head and I realized that I could no longer believe in an Biblical Omnipotent Supreme Being. So over the past 56 years my disdain for religion has only grown stronger especially with the rise of the so called Fundamentalist. To blindly follow the Canons of any religion is akin to the brainwashed masses in Orwell’s “1984”. It is in my opinion a toss up whether Religion has done more harm than good especially in the past 2000 years.

Civilization is believed to have started 7000 years ago in what is now Iraq. This was the Sumerian people who had their Gods to explain the natural world around them. As each civilization came and went the Gods changed names but basically were the same ones. One group of people who lived in and around Ur (of the Chaldees) adopted a monotheistic form of worship which would evolve into the Abrahamic Religion of the Israelites it would also spawn both Christianity and Islam. It is quite understandable that primitive and semi-civilized people would invent gods to explain the world they lived and died in. Science as we know it came into being in the 16th and 17th centuries but in Europe religion was firmly footed and came into constant conflict with the fledgling, as I would call it, Art.
Perhaps the biggest conflict between Science and Religion is Evolution vs Creationism. Creationists rely heavily on the stories contained within Genesis at the start of the Old Testament in the Bible to explain the existing Universe and Humanity. The Evolutionists uses the more logical Scientific means back by both geological and fossil evidence of mans’ rise to be the dominant species on the planet. According to Creationist and the Bile the planet is roughly 6000 years old whereas Geological evidence puts the age at a far more realistic age of 4.5 to 4.6 billion years. For all our sophistication and intelligence, the vast majority of Humanity cannot dispel these myths and superstitions. Perhaps in another 2000 years when we have grown up a bit more we will look at the world and the universe around us and marvel at the glorious Evolution that is occurring.

So what others have called prejudice I call disdain, disdain that they cannot open their eyes and minds to the obvious that surrounds them. If you would look at the face of god go outside on a clear star filled night and wonder at the glory of the Cosmos.


One thought on “PREJUDICE vs DISDAIN

  1. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    David…I reply by direct email to you, being unable to find a Comment Area on your Blog site for this article just read. I fully agree with your term DISDAIN…I, also have DISDAIN for certain situations…which is my ‘right’ and so is it YOURS.

    Furthering my education in Toronto, I studied COMPARATIVE RELIGIONS one year. I was raised strictly BAPTIST with strong principles under which to live. This course I studie… ENLIGHTENED me to other religious beliefs and structures. Through it all (as in everything in life) one must be respectful of others’ views…whether religious, political, sports themed, business principles to which we must adhere, the military discipline and structure of ranks and decisions, etc., etc, etc.

    I was raised to attend church twice on Sundays and Wednesday evening for prayer and Bible study. However, being an adult, I had the choice of accepting all that I heard and learned…or make my own decisions. I don’t need to get on my hands and knees to pray! I don’t need to attend Church every Sunday (and as I grew up, giving that option to my son and daughter)! I have the option of respecting all faiths (as I do) and respect the beliefs related to that faith! Many of my friends are of ‘various faiths’!

    I congratulate you on your detailed writing…and fully understand from where you re coming! Your history on several topics, truly impresses me. Stay in touch…and stay with us…your knowledge is unfathomable! And is valuable to Those Who Listen!

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