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Yesterday 20 June 2016 there were 4 Gun Control Bills before the U.S. Congress for a vote. To no ones’ surprise they failed to pass. In a blatant statement meant to intimidate the NRA said that any Congressman/woman who voted for Gun Control would pay the price. Question: Who the Hell runs the U.S.A. the people or the N.R.A.? What is it going to take to make the American people say enough no more shootings? Perhaps some nut bar has to attack both the Congress and the Senate Houses with Assault weapons mowing down a hundred or so law makers. How be another nut bar attack the headquarters of the N.R.A. I would dare say if that ever happened Gun Control and the repeal of the 2nd Amendment would definitely be top priority.
One of the excuses that the congress uses in reference to Assault Weapons is that they don’t want to ban them as it will infringe on the lawful gun owners’ 2nd amendments rights. So some gun owners’ rights are more important than 20 children or 49 nightclub goers lives. Where is the logic in that?
I personally do not understand why a civilian needs an Assault Rifle like the AR 15, Bushmaster, or any other such weapon. Nor do I understand the need for large capacity magazines for civilian use. Actually I do understand to a point. It all boils down to money. The NRA and the gun manufacturers have corrupted the meaning of the 2nd amendment and brainwashed a certain segment of the US populace all to line their pockets at the expense of innocent lives. Another excuse that is used is “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” yes that is true but those who choose to kill will use the best tool for the job that is available, “A GUN”.
This cycle will go on and on in the US. Mass shootings. A call for more Gun Control. More shootings. More calls. It will go on “ad infinitum” until maybe, just maybe the penny will drop and the Americans will finally realize that lives are not worth a paragraph written on a piece of parchment over 240 years ago by a group of men who were that after they won against the British, They would return to take back what they had lost.



  1. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    David…your comments are absolutely MY VOICE…Americans have been submerged with all this outgoing GUN THING…they love THEIR PERSONAL SAFETY…and THe Hell With Everyone Else…but don’t take away their RIGHTS (?????) Yes, I agree they don’t NEED the HEAVY STUFF for personal safety. The Voices that BE and CONTROL care NOT to step on TOES whereby it might just affect their income and the ‘down effect’, lose their political standing(s).

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