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Usa. III. THE CIRCUS OF LIES. 2016/07/24

The story I am about to relate happen over the course of 4 days starting on the 18th and ending on the 21st of this month. It has taken the intervening three days for me to really grasp what I saw and heard. This lapse has nothing to do with the aging process it was caused by the amount of unadulterated lies and misstatements that were verbalized over those four days. I am referring to the Republican Convention that was just held in the “Magical Republic of Usa”.
The human brain is capable of only holding so much garbage before it retreats into an “Editing Mode” sorting out fact, if any, from fiction, which there is a lot of. The brain does this to protect itself from running amok ending in an dramatic self triggered implosion. Well the “Editing Mode” is completed and my brain is functioning within normal parameters, at least for me. So after that brief insight into my cognitive workings I shall get on with “The Circus of Lies”.
Every four years the “Magical Republic” holds dual circuses one for the “Republicans” and one for the “Democrats”. One circus is loud and raucous and the other more orderly and business like. The one that just finished, this season, had the added feature of being riddled with lies, misstatement, and braggadocio. The “Ring Master” and Republican Nominee for President is an orange-hair 70-year-old thrice married New York Developer by the name of Donald John Trump. This nominee for the Presidency must have studied old film clips from the 30’s and 40’s of Benito Mussolini and copied his style for when he delivered his acceptance speech the gesturing and posturing were that of the reviled Italian Fascist Dictator.
Trumps’ speech was filled with falsehoods, disinformation and vile name calling. Her referred to his opponent as “Crooked Hilary” and accused her of leaving a legacy of “Death, Destruction, Terrorism, and Weakness during her tenure as Sec. of State in the Obama Administration. Trump wasn’t the only agitator on Tuesday night the second day of the convention New Jersey Governor Chris Christie played the roll of Federal Prosecutor and held a mock trial for Hilary Clinton. This Charade whipped the crowd into a frenzy shouting “Guilty and Throw her in Jail” This four-day orgy of lies, deceit, and propaganda shows the politics of the “Magical Republic” at its’ worse.
The Republican candidate is catering to the fears and prejudices of the Usa working and lower classes of their population. These people tend to be conservative and religious in their outlook and long for the good old days. Well if there were “good old days” they are long gone but they have left the bigotry and racism still seething beneath the surface of their society.
The orange-haired candidate is following the path of the “Big Lie”, tell a big enough lie long enough and people will believe it. Looking at the Republican Party to-day it is hard to believe that this was the party of the Abolitionists and Lincoln the Great Emancipator. Now it is the party of the ultra-conservative religious bigoted right. If one were to look at the worst scenario in Usa one could see it becoming a Fascist State.
The thought of this Republican braggart becoming President with access to the Nuclear Arsenal makes the blood run cold and the bladder weaken. If the Fates have any regard for us mere mortals, they will not make it so.


3 thoughts on “Usa III. THE CIRCUS OF LIES.

  1. Meg says:

    Best one yet! Yes it is hard to believe that the ignorant in Usa, would actually believe this garbage, but the people of that odd country, have removed education from their schools. They are taught not to think, just fallow.
    I suggest you look on your computer and see what Michael Moore has to say about the orange hair guy.

  2. Your input is DEAD ON. Heaven Forbid if Orange Hair has lied his route to the White House. Why can he not be perpetrated for his many, many untruths…but as you say….if one tells lies often enough, just maybe the populace will believe him. What a pair he and his wife are…using already GIVEN SPEECHES by past politicians!!! Isn’t there a law about this????

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