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Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” Winston Churchill.

Usa III. THE OTHER CIRCUS 2016/07/29
On Monday 25th July the other Circus opened in Philadelphia, Penn. This convention the Democrats touted would be different from that rowdy chaotic display of the previous week. Well on the first day it looked like it was going to follow the Republican Circus into chaos with the Sanders’ delegates protesting and disrupting the convention.
If I were an American (thank the Gods I’m not) I would probably be a Democrat in my political leanings. I think it is safe to say that the Democratic Party is akin to the Liberal Party and I have been a Liberal since I first understood what it meant. Would I get swept up in the hoopla of a convention? I think not as these conventions (circuses) are loud raucous affairs which at times have erupted in violence. The people of the “Magical Republic” tend to take their politics seriously and their patriotism boarders on the chauvinistic.
As with the previous posting I have waited until the day after the circus has left town to give my comments and opinions on what occurred over the course of the last four days. As most educated people will tell you, “Politics” is a dirty game. Always has been and quite likely will remain so. Some politics are not as dirty and corrupt as others. Some “Politicians” try desperately to stay above the dirt but inevitably slide into it when they realize that in order to get things done you have to play the game. Now in the north where the once Dominion was its’ politics can get dirty so even though its’ people like to think we are above that well we aren’t. The only thing that can be said favourably about the once Dominions’ politics is they are not as nasty, dirty, or corrupt as the “Magical Republic”
From 18th July until 21st July and again from 25th July until 28th July we were exposed to a litany of denigration and tearing down of the two nominees. In the case of the Republican nominee perhaps the attacks were justified as he has been proven an habitual liar. He is also a bigot and a racists and not fit to run for election to “Dog Catcher” let alone the “Presidency. The Democrat nominee is no lily white angel as there are some shady areas in her political life. Like all politicians worldwide they have promised the people of Usa the keys to the Kingdom. The question is which definition of the kingdom is the best choice. One definition, if believed, promises a vision of hope and progress while the other is some what darker with its’ walls and mass deportations and a return to days akin to that of the “Great Depression”. Power and wealth to the top so called 1 percent and to hell with the rest of the population.
Whatever the people of the “Magical Republic” choose it will, as usual, impact the rest of the world. So if you believe in a higher power or not it might be wise to pray that the lesser of the two evils wins. Better “the Devil you know than the Devil you don’t”


One thought on “Usa. III> THE OTHER CIRCUS

  1. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    YOur analysis is well taken…with these 2 candidates, I prefer the ONE with EXPERIENCE in POLITICS…versus an opponent with nothing to boast/brag about…so he resorts to the Nasty System! And I”m certain he’ll depend on his ‘followers’ forgetting his lies by time Election Day arrives…and hopefully they’ll vote for this big Braggart!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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