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If one needed proof that Donald J. Trump is dangerous, he confirmed it so with some of his latest statements spewed out of his mouth at his last two rallies.
On Tuesday, 9th Aug. he stated at a rally in Virginia that, “Crooked Hilary is out to abolish the 2nd Amendment (False) and if she is elected and gets to pick her own Judges there is nothing that folks can do. Maybe though the 2nd Amendment people could do something”. This comes awfully close to Trump suggesting that some one might shoot Hilary or her choice of Judges. On Wednesday, 10th Aug. at another rally in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, he accused President Obama of being the founder of ISIS and Hilary Clinton the co-founder. This ISIS statement goes against historical fact, in that ISIS rose out of the illegal and disastrous American Invasion of Iraq under G.W. Bush’s Republican Presidency to depose Saddam Hussein. Without Hussein to keep control over the various religious factions ISIS sprung into being and filled the void left when the Americans pulled out.
It is difficult to understand what reality Trump lives in or for that matter what dream land. He is beyond a doubt, proven many times, an habitual liar and a megalomaniac who pulls statements out of thin air and swears they are the truth. I think Trump lost his calling and instead of being a Real Estate Mogul he should be writing fairy tales. What is worse is the people who listen and believe him. Once words are spoken they can never be recalled and Trump should know this so perhaps it is fair to say “He doesn’t give a damn”.
His comments about “2nd Amendment people doing something” could be taken literally by some gun toting lunatic and either succeed or attempt in shooting Hilary Clinton or her selection for Supreme Court justices. He has threatened to renounce both trade and defense treaties, use torture, and now put on trial Americans imprisoned in Guantanamo which under American law is illegal. He talks of walls and mass deportations with little or no regard for the people and families this would affect. He slanders American war heroes and attacks the family of a fallen U.S. Muslim soldier killed in Afghanistan. He ridicules the disabled and accuses the media of being biased against him reporting everything he says out of context. He has said that Obama and Hilary have made the world a more dangerous place but if he is elected there is the possibility that he would bring the world to the brink of Armageddon because of his temperament and thin skin when it comes to insults. This billionaire troglodyte will say anything to get people to support him. He says he is a Christian and that no one knows the bible like he does. If Trump is a Christian, he is one of convenience. When it suits him to be religious he dons his sheep’ clothing but underneath the wolf still crouches. Trump is the modern Nero and if in power will fiddle as the world burns. This narcissistic megalomaniac could (or would) possibly bring about a nuclear holocaust, ending civilization as we know it, just because he can.


One thought on “THE DANGER OF WORDS.

  1. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    YOUR WORDS CARRY MUCH IMPACT…AND I FULLY AGREE!!!!!!!!!! He’ s lost his power….so now resorts to DEFENDING HIMSELF….with untruths and words to make himself ‘believable’….he dug his hole…now trying to recant all past statements.

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