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“Whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad” (Anonymous) If that be the case then both the Republican Candidate, Donald Trump, and the party are doomed.
Most know that politics is, to put it mildly, a dirty business and most politicians, though not outright liars do tend to extort the truth to varying degrees. Perhaps this tendency is not so much the individuals fault as it is the systems. Churchill said it best when he stated “That Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others”. What we are witnessing today in the U.S.A. is Democracy, if not at its’ worse then damn close to it.
Donald Trump, like all demagogues before him, plays on the anger and fears of the people. Studies have shown that the most susceptible to this bellicose type rhetoric are those of the lower stratum of society having no more than a basic education with little or no chance of improving their lot. Another reason he has gathered a large following is the fact that he is a Washington Outsider who is promising the “Keys to the Kingdom”. This is his first run at serious politics and voters are looking on him as one who is not corrupted by the culture and mindset of those who have held political power for years. He is to them “The New Broom”. In the arena of politics Trump is a neophyte, a beginner who doesn’t really know or understand the game. This alone is a dangerous fault that could lead to a massive blunder on either the national or international stage.
Even as a lay person I question Trumps’ mental state, he is a narcissistic, megalomaniac, misogynistic, bigoted racist who, if he ever makes it to the White House could trigger World War 111 and end civilization as we know it. His pompous strutting and facial expressions rival that of Benito Mussolini and some of his ideas smack of Fascism, but then I have said this a few times before. This combed over individual is now calling his Democratic rival a bigot, as he put it “crooked, bigoted, Hilary, who sees blacks only as votes not people”. In his attempts to win he is softening his stance on illegal immigration, the deportation plan is still their but it will be humane. What does that mean? Instead of crowding the illegals in boxcars he’ll use buses or perhaps his private plane. Yeah OK.
Is Trump “a man for the times” in the US? He could very well be as he is playing on the peoples’ fear, anger, and resentment. He is blaming all their problems on the immigrants making them the scapegoat for their problems. This sounds so familiar as history seems to be repeating itself.



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