TIS’ TIME TO GROW UP. 2016/09/07

For the longest time I have either told people or written that I am just a big kid who doesn’t really want to grow up. Well it seems of late that it is catching up with me and I am going to have to start paying the fiddler.
Perhaps the penny, if it hasn’t dropped, is teetering, because on this past Monday 5 Sept. I was at my oldest daughter to get a crash course on the new “Smart Phone’ I bought. It didn’t take her long to become very frustrated with me and my attitude of “I didn’t know”. As “P” said I didn’t know because I’m to lazy to look it up and read about it. When it comes to History I will more than likely die with a History Book in my hand but when it come to other aspects of my life, such as my health, or learning new technology I retreat into my make believe dumb world that hates changes or changing. Well methinks that will not “cut the mustard” anymore.
As I approach my 74th Birthday and the beginning of my 75th year of life I am going to have to force myself to make some changes. Perhaps some radical ones. My basic fault that I have always had was ignoring what I termed “the incidental mundane things in life”, I always let others worry about them for me. First my ex-wife and then somehow they got transferred to my oldest daughter “P” when she became an adult. I just wanted to breeze along and have fun and do what I wanted to do. Yep, the great procrastinator and ignorer of what should not have been ignored.

Playing the role of the perpetual “BIG KID” doesn’t sit as well as it once did and saying “Hey I don’t want to grow up. I’m having fun” is nothing but a childish way of escaping the need for change. So with the advent of my 74th birthday it is about time I started to reassess my life and choices and reprogram my brain to start to accept the fact that I can’t continuously play the happy go lucky clown. That doesn’t mean I have to become a serious stodgy old man as that is not how I wish to be remembered. Well I have 23 pre b-day, days to start the transition, sort of a warm up period or pre-season event. I am determined to make what time I have left in this mortal coil worthwhile and hopefully there will be some fun filled times. Sorta like fallin off the wagon.


3 thoughts on “TIS TIME TO GROW UP

  1. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    David…this quite an honest perspective of your present life…eventually, ‘we have to pay the piper’ as the adage goes! It’s a difficult principle to adopt that we are not 35 anymore…and that LIFE does change as we progress through the decades. The important step is to acknowledge it…accept it…and adjust accordingly! You’re on the right path…and may it treat you kindly!

    I recall several years ago, when attending the funeral of a long time friend’s husband…and since I am reluctant about attending these, I much prefer to visit at their home…as was the situation with Skip. That’s when and where ‘visitation’ was’…and, although a businessman, he’d return home daily to their acres in North Burlington…change into overalls and western scarf around his neck…and when his rural chores were completed, Skip would lounge in his ‘easy chair’…lean back and read every evening. So when we visited that evening…there he was “As Big as LIfe” would have it, sprawled in his lean-back easy chair, dressed as he would, returning from work…with a book collapsed on his chest! He looked as ‘big as life’…and certainly related to the many photos of him posted around where he lay in repose! Such a great memory to have of him.

  2. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    So sorry, David…I sent you a lengthy reply…but inadvertently, send it to the ‘sender’ at Word Press…rather than your personal e-mail. Hopefully you can retrieve it from there.

  3. Meg says:

    A very good look at yourself! We all need to do this every once in a while.
    Just write down your goals and post them beside the bathroom mirror ( works for me).
    But remember growing up is a frame of mind, and it includes fun and laughter.
    Besides I don’t think you could DO stodgy very well!

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