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CLINTON-1/TRUMP-0 2016/09/27

I am starting this piece on Saturday 24 Sept. in preparation for the first Clinton/Trump debate on Monday 26th Sep. evening. When the debate was first announced I said to myself that I wouldn’t be watching it. On reflection I have changed my mind and will watch it, mainly out of curiosity. I find American politics most confusing and entertaining in that I personally think their system of governing is nothing but a complete farce.
In approximately 34 hours the two combatants will begin their verbal fencing attempting to score points at the expense of the other. This verbal duel could, at times, prove quite contentious as one of the duelists has a propensity to extort the truth (lie) and unless the moderators have changed their stance will not call either debater out. It should, hopefully, be quite a contest with each trying to out do the other.
It is now the 26th and approximately 10 hours from the start of the “War of Verbiage”. Perhaps we will end up likening this debate (duel) to an other such contest betwixt Burr and Hamilton. That one ended with Hamilton dead. Of course nothing like that will happen but I dare say there are those who would like to see one if not both of the candidates dead. American politics can be so volatile.
It is now just 90 minutes from the start of the first of three debates. Who knows one party might take such a beating that he will refuse further humiliation. That is just my guess. The Republican Debater has already complained publicly that he thinks the moderators will not treat him fairly. What that is, is an excuse beforehand if he loses. It is never his fault but rather always others are to blame. So now I will wile away the next 90 minutes twiddling my thumps in expectation.
It is now 11 hours after the first debated ended with Trump taking a beating. For the first 15 minutes or so Trump held his ground and acted somewhat Presidential but it didn’t take much for the old Trump with his lies and denials to surface and when that happened Clinton played him perfectly and Trump with his foot jammed in his mouth went down in flames. True to Trump fashion everyone and thing conspired against him. From the left leaning biasness of the moderator, Lester Holt of NBC News, to a faulty microphone were responsible but it was his own hubris and braggadocio that did him in. Watching his performance, I was once again reminded of the old news clips from the 30s’ and 40s’ of Mussolini’s pompous facial expressions. The demagogue just couldn’t control himself erroneously blaming Clinton and the Obama administration for all the woes of the country. He even suggested that China should invade North Korea and end that country’s nuclear threat. He blamed Clinton for negotiating trade agreements that he considered the worst ever leaving the U.S. in economic distress. Trump wants to return to the old Reagan “Trickle Down” style economy with massive tax breaks for the rich with the idea that it would create jobs. It didn’t work before so what makes him think it will work now. He blamed Clinton and Obama for the creation of ISIS when the fault lies with the last Bush administration ouster of Saddam Hussein leaving Iraq ripe for extremists to seize power. Trump was asked why after 5 years of supporting the “Birther” movement he suddenly changed horses in mid-stream two weeks ago. He didn’t answer. Trump also had the audacity to boast how he used the law to declare bankruptcy six and not pay sub-contractors. He accused Clinton of not having the temperament to be President where in his case he as an outstanding temperament. This brought a laugh from the audience. What is also laughable is Trump believes his own propaganda. What isn’t so laughable is the millions of voters who follow him knowing he is a “CON-MAN” but despite this might just put in in office. If this should happen may the Fates protect us as he is likely as not to push the ‘BUTTON” if slighted.
All in all, it was an interesting debate and if the trend set continues the Clinton just might kick some Trump butt come November.


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