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CLINTON-2/TRUMP-0 2016/10/10
Last evening, I stayed up to watch the second in the series of three debates between the U.S. Presidential candidates, Clinton and Trump. I must admit I am somewhat biased and favour Clinton but aside from that She won the debate giving her a 2 to 0 lead over Trump.
When it comes to Donald J. Trump it is almost at the point where there are few derogatory words or terms left in the English language to describe him. Those that are in use are repetitive and getting well worn. Last night his performance mimic that of the first debate, a 70-year-old spoiled rich would be tyrant. His performance was or is reminiscent of the spoiled little kid who couldn’t have it his way. What type of political candidate threatens his opponent publicly that if he is elected he will appoint a special prosecutor to indict said opponent for, I assume, treason and throw her in jail.
The recent revelations of Trumps arrogant misogyny, which he puts down to “Locker Room” talk, is reprehensible to say the least. His statement that it was OK to call his daughter “A piece of A-s” is beyond repugnant. What kind of father would say this? Perhaps the most upsetting of this Presidential Campaign is that whatever Trump says or does it seems to be Ok with the Republican electorate. Can they not see that the man is dangerous? Adolph Hitler was considered a clown and buffoon by a lot of the German people and the world knows what happened there.
Some of my friends and neighbours have said to me “who cares it’s in the States” well the answer is that like it or not Canada is closely tied economically to the U.S. and when they cough the rumble is felt up here. We cannot interfere in American politics as that it for their people to sort out but we should be very watchful as to who they elect. Trump is saying that he will repeal NAFTA which could and more likely will hurt trade between us. He has also threatened to withhold support for NATO until as he puts it “they start paying their share”. These threats may sound good to the blue collar segment of the American people but they fail to realize that these moves are dangerous and merely cause more animosity towards America. His pronouncements on Muslims feed the radical factions of that religion. His Islamophobia is a propaganda bonanza for terrorist recruiters.
For the life of me I have never really understood the American Republican system of government. I find their system so like that of ancient Rome which went from a Monarchy to a Republic, to an Imperium, and finally collapse. Perhaps Trump is a reincarnation of “Caligula, or Nero, or Commodus” who knows? Well whatever one believes or thinks when politicians the likes of Trump appear, be wary be very wary.


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