CLINTON-3/TRUMP-0. 2016/10/20

Trump is 0 for 3 and at Wednesday night’s debate he drove the last nail into his coffin when he would not give a straight answer to the question whether he would accept the election results. In past blogs I have referred to Trump as a Fascists but even more so than that he is a petulant little boy who isn’t getting his own way. He is perhaps the “Most Dangerous Man” in the U.S. at this point in history. By even allowing this individual to get this far in the Presidential Race the U.S. has been flirting with disaster.
His whining paranoia has no bounds, every one and everything is out to get him. Last night it was revealed that he whined that the Emmys were even rigged against him because he didn’t win one for his TV Show. The least criticism or rejection of him you become an enemy and a target for revenge.
To-day at a rally somewhere in Ohio he clarified his statement by saying “I will accept the results if I win, but I also reserve the right to challenge the results if I feel it is necessary”. Talk about a spoiled brat. Perhaps the American people should look to paraphrase Henry II “Will no one rid us of this troublesome Clown”. I almost feel sorry for the Yanks but not quite. If by some morbid twist of fate, he should be elected then he becomes the worlds’ problem. This arrogant thin skinned Troglodyte will command one of the worlds’ largest nuclear arsenals with his finger inches away from the button. I think it is obvious to most normal people who see his antics on the campaign trail that Trump is somewhat deranged. In fact, I personally think he is “A couple of bricks shy a full load.” If one listens to his platform he is determined to undo almost every piece of legislation introduced by the Democrats all the way back to Bill Clintons’ Presidency. More and more Trumps is sounding like Father Coughlin isolationist xenophobic demagogue who had a radio show in the 1930s’ with possible ties to Hitler and Nazism.
The polls in the US are stating that Hillary is ahead and that Trump is trailing badly, but, there is still 19 days to the election and anything can happen. Politics is unpredictable.


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