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I wonder if the German People in 1933 felt like the people of the United States must feel today. I don’t think they fully realize what they have done. Is this the start of Americas trip down the road to Fascism? Is Trump Americas’ Fueher or Il Duce?
I, like a great many other observers can’t quite believe that the American people could be so gullible as to elect this most dangerous man. This bigoted, racist, troglodyte will soon be sitting in the White House with his hand inches from the Nuclear Button. To make matter worse is the fact that the Republicans retained their majority in the Senate. Looks like the predictions of another longer world wide recession is just around the corner. Trump is determined to throw out every trade agreement he doesn’t like starting with NAFTA. He is going to return the U.S. to the days of isolationism. He is to blind to realize that like it or not Globalism is here to stay and he will merely destroy his country’s economy and plunge the world into a long hard recession.
Like Hitler, Trump believes he knows more about Military Operations than his Generals. At least Hitler had military experience that led him to believe that. Trump on the other hand managed to stay out of the military using medical and educational deferments. To hear this individual speak one would think him semi-literate as he as very poor usage of the English Language. He pays others to keep the charade that he is a business genius alive. His so called best seller “The Art of the Deal” was ghostwritten for him. He claims to know his Bible yet can’t say which is his favourite passage.

Well the deed is done and the U.S. and the rest of the world will have to wait and see what will happen. Who knows he might surprise us all but then I think you would have to believe in the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny. One of the mottos of the U.S. is “IN GOD WE TRUST” I sure hope that trust is well placed. Our Southern Cousins have made their bed, now they must lay in it.


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