I was hoping to put off writing until the new year. Specifically, until after the 20th of January, Inauguration Day in the U.S.A. but of late to much has been occurring with President Elect Trump and the choices he is making for his cabinet. The Oxford Dictionary define Oligarchy as: – government of a few people. It also defines Plutocracy as an Oligarchy of the wealthiest. It is well within the realm of reality that this is the form of government that Trump will attempt to establish. It is my understanding that he is going to reintroduce “Reagan Economics” the trickle down effect that is said to result from giving the wealthiest and large corporations tax reductions. This is supposed to in return create more jobs thus the “Trickle down effect” of wealth. It didn’t work under Reagan and it wont work under Trump.
Trump is already taking credit for stopping Carrier who manufactures air conditioners from closing down in Indiana and moving to Mexico. In order to save 1000 jobs Trump had to promise to give Carrier 7 million dollars in tax breaks. Still, even with that incentive at least 300 of those jobs will not be saved.
The people that Trump is picking to be in his cabinet and head the various government departments are a who’s who of the rich and powerful. They are also staunch conservative who within a relatively short time in office will either attempt to, or tear up all of Obamas’ legislation. Obamacare seems to be at the top of the list. Others on the list are NAFTA, The Iran Nuclear Deal, Soft Wood Lumber, and any other treaty or trade deal that Trump doesn’t like. He hasn’t been sworn in yet and already he has upset China, over a phone call from the Taiwanese President. Perhaps the most dangerous thing that is going on is that he has all these apologists ready to step forward and explain his “faux pas”. Some where along the line he picked up on the notion that “If the President does it, it is legal”. A previous President thought that and we all know what happened to Nixon.
Some critics in the U.S. are predicting that Trump won’t last through his first four-year term. They are saying that he will either get bored of the job and quit or he will commit some egregious act that will lead to his impeachment. One can only hope. This past U.S. election campaign has spotlighted the bigoted, racist, neo-Nazi, segment of the American populace under the new banner of the Alt-Right. If there is a hell, Hitler and his cronies must be dancing for joy as they watch their insanity take root in a new form. Trump seems to have a penchant for hiring retired Generals for some of his cabinet positions. Is he by chance either conscientiously or for that matter sub-conscientiously setting the stage for a military coup. What with his actions and speeches anything could be possible? Just think instead of President trump it could be “Generalissimo Trump”, no that sounds Latino so he would choose that. No seeing as, he is German on his fathers’ side it would be “Der Fuehrer Trump”. Like the line from a Disney animation “Heil (pfft) Heil (pfft) right in the Fuehrers’ face”


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