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On 8 Nov. 2016 a new Emperor was elected in the Magical Republic of USA. After roughly 18 months of campaigning the choice came down to whether there would be an Emperor or for the first time in their history an Empress. Alas and Alack the working masses of the Republic chose an Emperor and the darkness started to stir.
Under the strange political system that the Republic of USA uses there is a transition period between the out going and incoming Emperors, this is roughly 72 days. On January 20 the new Emperor was sworn in and the forces of darkness which had been gathering started to slowly manifest themselves. The new emperors’ inauguration speech was not uplifting or optimistic in its’ contents but one of gloom and pessimism painting a dark picture of what the Emperor perceived to be the state of the Magical Republic.

It has been 17 days since the new emperor took the throne and he has managed in that short time to upset if not insult leaders of at least 3 other countries. He has started the process to undo all that the previous enlightened Emperor accomplished in his 8-year tenure. The new emperor has banned people from 7 nations who happen to be of a certain religious persuasion painting them all with the Terrorist brush. This ban has been carefully planed as it does not include nations that the Emperor has business dealings with. He has withdrawn from some trade talks and set in process a means to renegotiate other trade deals. He has given tax breaks to the wealthy and deregulated the banking industry giving them free reign. His nominees for cabinet positons are all millionaire businessmen with one being an outright white supremacist.
Now just 17 days into his reign the new Emperor of the Magical Republic has possibly brought that republic to the verge of a constitutional crisis. His immigration ban was over thrown by one of the Republics’ Courts and the Emperor took his anger out by attacking “that so called Judge” as the Emperor describe him saying that if anything “bad happens, blame him”. This “orange haired troglodyte of dubious intelligence and stability has in the past 2 ½ weeks managed to cause a large amount of concern amongst world leaders. He is the quintessential “Loose Cannon” and anything or one is liable to end up in the crosshairs.
So from the enlightened days of the previous Emperor we now lay witness to the approaching darkness and the possible birth of a new evil.



  1. Meg says:

    I am finding this whole thing quite entertaining, now that I an reading the better news program. I just keeps getting worse and worse!

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