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A few days ago the world witnessed the “mad would be Emperor” hold a news conference that quickly devolved into a rant against the American Press and any other subject that irks the “Orange-haired Looney”, that is the President. What the people have sown they now are reaping for this man is surely unstable.
When a country starts down the road to dictatorship those leading the march first attack the media. With control of the media comes control of propaganda and lies become the truth.
The news is warped, filtered and falsified to the benefit of those in power. When the truth does get out it is brutally suppressed and those who dare to present it are enemies of the state. Already President Trump has stated “that the press is the enemy of the American people”, this is also the words of every dictator the world has witnessed, from Bolshevism to Fascism to Nazism, they all first controlled the news. The Ministry of Truth (1984) where lies are the truth and History is rewritten daily. Love becomes Hate, Peace becomes War and society is in a constant state of chaos. Is the United States and for that matter the rest of the world looking at the birth of “Big Brother” and is Trump the first of that Dynasty? Trump calls the media “FAKE NEWS” yet he boasts about accomplishments that haven’t happened and makes up lies to make himself look good. He cannot abide criticism of himself or his family.
Everyone knows that politicians bend the truth when necessary and that they know the pitfalls of out right lying. Trump lies and does so blatantly without regard to the trouble he is fermenting. He seems to live in his own delusional reality where he and only he is correct. Every other word that spews out of his mouth is in praise of what he does or those he has chosen as worthy. He is the Orange-haired, Midas touched Caesar, Tsar, Kaiser, and Emperor of all he beholds. He is in some opinions a prime candidate for “BEDLAM” (an infamous Mental Institution in London founded in 1257), Because he is a so called business mogul he cannot seem to fathom that one cannot run a country as you would a company. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he looks upon the populace as his employees who can be ordered about and fired if they step out of line.
He has found the perfect scapegoat in Muslims painting all of them with the radical brush. As Hitler used the Jews blaming them for all of Germanys’ problems Trump uses the Muslims and illegal immigrants. A lot of Americas’ problems with out siders stems from their failed Foreign Policies of past Republican Administrations. Theodore Roosevelt said “Speak softly but carry a big stick”, the “speak softly” got thrown out and the big stick became Drones. America has sown the wind in different corners of our planet and now under Trump they will reap the whirlwind. A mentally 13-year-old is playing “Commander in Chief” looking for an excuse to push the button just to see what happens.
(There once was a blue green planet orbiting its yellow sun then one day…………………)


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