When Trump is proclaimed “President for Life” what name will he choose or be given. The more famous names such as “Der Fuehrer”, Il Duce, or “Big Brother” have been used so what’s left “Boss”. His buddy Putin is pushing for “Tsar” which is Russian for Caesar. So it could be “Imperator” which would put him a couple of notches above Tsar Vlad.
Yesterday the 56th day of 2017 and the 36th day of the Trump presidency the curtain of the coming “Dark Age” was lowered substantially with the “White House” banning some of the top News outlets in the country, and to name a few: – Washington Post, New York and L.A. Times, C.N.N., and Huffington Post. If you would control the hearts and minds of the populace; control the Media. The media that is banned are critical of Trump and his administration therefore he has stated that they are enemies of the people. Those media outlet of a more conservative stripe are welcome in the White House as they report Trump and his cronies in a more positive light. The 1st Amendment of the lauded American Constitution is on the brink of being relegated to the waste bin. Freedom of Speech and of the Press are essential to any Democracy for without them those who would oppress have free reign. The peoples of the three totalitarian states that plunged the World into a Global War had lost those freedoms in the birthing days of their respective dictatorships. Trump has also stated that he wants Americas’ Nuclear Arsenal increased. The old Roman adage “if you would have peace; prepare for war” is no longer relevant as increase of weapons production usually foreshadows war. The largest two nuclear powers alone have the capability of wiping all civilization from Earth and with the other lesser amounts that other nation have perhaps the ability to wipe all life from this Planet.
At times when speaking to a crowd of supporters he tends to rant and go off on unintelligible ravings that are total incoherent and somewhat childish. At times like these he seems totally unstable. It has been 110 days since he won the election so there really is no need to harp on it almost constantly spewing many inaccurate facts about his win. He is like a little boy shouting “NAH, NAH, I WON, YOU LOST” when playing some game. There is also the constant chest beating when speaking saying things like “nobody is better at, or nobody knows more, or nobody loves it more”. I wonder if he says to his wife “Me Tarzan, You Jane”. After all it would fit in with his “orange hair” which only he and Orangutans have.
Each year since 1914 the White House Correspondents Association hold a dinner at the Washington Hilton Hotel at the end of April. In a fit of what can only be called pique President Trump has announced he will not be attending. This is the typical act of an immature little boy whose feelings have been hurt. The next thing will be to throw a temper tantrum because he didn’t get his way on some treaty or deal. What is most perplexing is that certain segments of the American populist think he is great? The outsider who will change Washington and put America on top again. In any other country these things would be over looked but in a country with the military power of the U.S. under the command of a self-centred egomaniac things could get out of control quite easily.


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