My Opinion, POLITICS


The American Webster’s Dictionary should change its definition of Republican Politician from: A Politician belonging to the Republican Party to “VILLAGE IDIOT”.
It seems that since the election of a Republican President that the true colours of the Republican Party have been shown. From the comments and theories spouting out of the mouths of Senators and Congressmen it seems that the Republicans have cornered the market on “Village Idiots” and the U.S. is the “Dumb Ass” capitol of the world. I guess it doesn’t help when the President is the King of Dumb Asses whom I am sure if his parents had known what they had wrought on the world would have had him drowned at birth. If he wasn’t so dangerous it would be funny.
It is as though every nut bar Republican state and Federal Politicians has broken free from their cocoon, like Locusts, to devour every logical thought that came before. The latest example of the mentality of these people comes from a Republican Senator from Pennsylvania who has suggested that because of the growing number of people on the Planet that the body heat we collectively give off could be responsible for the rising temperature. Betwixt the climate change deniers and the evangelical bible thumpers it is, if a nonbeliever may use the term, a miracle that the country hasn’t broken up into a series of armed conclaves. The Republican Senator who chairs the House Science Committee doesn’t believe in science yet he controls the budget for what science is being done. The Secretary of Education, believes in Private Religion based schools over the Public System. Admittedly the American Public Education system isn’t that good where 32 million or 14% of the population can’t read; 21% of adults read below a 5th grade level and 19% of High School graduates can’t read. I will, of course, say that the literacy rate in Canada isn’t that great either.
It has been Republican Senators or Congressmen who have come up with some of the most incredibly stupid statements. One Congressman claimed that a woman could not become pregnant from being raped because her body will not allow fertilization. Another on the subject of climate change stated “God promised after the great flood never to destroy the Human race in that manner again”. In a previous blog I said that “there must be a school that Republicans go to learn stupid” the more I read quotes from leading republicans such as the late Ronald Regan who said “Facts are stupid things” or “Trees cause pollution” the more I’m convinced. Of course in the views of the Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Presidential adviser Kellyann Conway these off the wall ridiculous statements are “ALTERNATE FACTS” (Lies). I pray to the Moirai (Fates) that the world will survive the next 4 years with these sorry excuses for Humans.



  1. President Trump is experiencing that what the President wants and issues doesn’t always fall into place…this is NOT HIS BUSINESS….he’s to be there to act for his country’s people with the best solutions possible for U.S. citizens.

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