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One of the favourite sayings attached to a Mountebank or Con-Artist is “Believe Me” or variations of that. President Trump is overly fond of that expression. There are times when watching him speak the image of a Snake Oil purveyor comes to mind. There is also that of a land swindler who has Prime Water Front Property in the Florida Everglades.
A day or so ago on CNN they had cameras at a Cabinet meeting with Trump and his people present. The first part of the telecast was Trump spouting personal aggrandisements and boasting as to how he is the most productive President in History. This self praise was followed by each of the cabinet members thanking him and praising him like the clique of “Yes Toddies” they are. President Trump may just be the greatest “CON-MAN” ever. He some how managed to con almost 63 million gullible American citizens to vote for him. I think his candidacy started off as a possible lark that soon snowballed out of control and now Trump is so far over his head he is on the verge of drowning and he had no business running for President. Trump is like a small child demanding praise and attention and if denied reacts as any spoiled young child by throwing tantrums. Somewhere along the line his humility gene got cannibalized by his narcissistic gene and the world got an orange-haired Troglodyte. After he is long gone the Oxford Dictionary will revise the definition of “Conceit” to mean “an individual with Trump-like characteristics” (see Trump).
Trump is also the epitome of vindictiveness with his almost continuous stream of insultingly derogatory Tweets. He is trying to govern the country by “Social Media”. He has, I believe, conned himself into thinking he is a genius and infallible. His pettiness has no bounds and he is determined to destroy every act done by his predecessor and turn the world back 50 years to be remade according to Trump. On the evening news the other day Trump announced in, “Little Havana”, a neighbourhood in Miami, that he was reversing some of the deals made by the previous (Obama) administration with Cuba. In said it was a one sided deal giving Cuba everything and the U.S. nothing. Irregardless of the deal made by anyone else Trump always insists he can do better. Neither he nor the Republicans can get over the fact that Obama, an educated Blackman with class beat them twice in elections and they are out to destroy his legacy.
The latest out of the White House is that he is/is not under investigation for Obstruction of Justice, Neither Trump nor his staff seem able to get their act together and get on the same page. The White House also says that Trump has the legal right to fire the Special Prosecutor appointed by the Deputy Attorney General, but he won’t do it. Maybe he realizes that if he did that he would add more fuel to the fire making it look more and more that something has gone on. Either way if he isn’t impeached or forced to resign soon the world is stuck with the buffoon for 4 years and the fates forbid he gets re-elected.


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