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USA: (Magical Republic) MINISTRY OF TRUTH 2017/10/20
In Orwell’s novel “1984” the language of Oceania is called “Newspeak” and methinks this will soon become the language of USA that Magical Republic. In Oceania there is the “Ministry of Love” (secret police, interrogation, and torture), Ministry of Peace (Ministry of War), and the Ministry of Truth (propaganda, alternate facts and History) in USA there is the Emperor.
The new combed-over Emperor keeps ranting about the media and “Fake News” this is, I think, a plot to eventually gain control of the news and undermine the truth. He has maligned and, I would hazard to say, slandered every major News outlet in USA but one, and that one wouldn’t know the truth if it bit it on the backside. It is almost as Yogi Berra said “Déjà vu” all over again as Trumps war against the media is reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the 30s. Tell a big lie long enough and it will become the truth.
The new Emperor labels all criticism, including that which is legitimate, of him and his court “Fake News” and the reporters of such as “Dishonest” people and they along with the media outlet they work for should have their credentials and their licenses investigated. If this should come about it is the first step along the road to control and censorship. The shadow of the “Ministry of Truth” looms large on the horizon. The Emperor like so many would be tyrants adheres to the 1st Amendment of their Constitution only when it is convenient. The majority of the time it is a nuisance and can be ignored.
If Emperor Comb Over isn’t ranting against the Media he is rattling his sabre, threatening fire and destruction to certain nations for developing nuclear weapons. At every opportunity he seems to deliberately provoke these nations and undermine the efforts to his Foreign Secretary to attempt a diplomatic solution. He publicly criticises his allies for not doing more and complains that certain treaties that have been made in the past are unfair to USA and need to be torn up and renegotiated. He has, it seems, set himself a gaol of demolishing all the work of previous administration and rewriting History to his liking. In his conceit he has proclaimed himself the “Greatest Deal Maker” a dubious title at best. His idea of deal making relies on innuendo, lies, threats, and bullying. He is the quintessential braggart and bully. He is to put it bluntly a “Head Case”.
This, orange-haired Emperor has little or no empathy or compassion in fact I think it is safe to say he tends to be very callous. The Republics’ armed forces lost 4 of it special forces warriors and when Orange-Hair call to wish condolences to one young widow who is with child he had the gall to say “Well he knew what he was getting into.” Such callousness is absolutely despicable and only an ignoramus would dare say that. Well unless something unforeseen should occur, like a bolt of lightning, the world is stuck with the Orange-Haired Emperor Comb- Over for the next 1, 441 days. Surely the Fates will not permit his re-election.


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