Normally I would have started this Ramble on New Years Day but to be honest I really didn’t feel like it. So here it is the sixth day of January, my youngest daughter’s birthday and the forty-seventh anniversary of my marriage. That is if we were still together. In the Christian calendar this is the feast of the Epiphany, (when the three Magi arrived in Bethlehem) it is also Christmas Eve according to the Orthodox Calendar. What it is on other calendars I don’t know and I admit I haven’t much inclination to find out. I only mentioned the above religious events because up until my late teens I was a Catholic. Now, not so much. It is the year Two Thousand and Eighteen C.E. (common era which used to be A.D. Anno Domini). I like the term common era as it has no religious connotations, therefore it shouldn’t upset any one’s religious sensibilities.
Two thousand and eighteen years ago a Jewish Reform Rabbi (thought to be the Son of God by his followers) was executed and a new religion sprung up around his life and works, Christianity. Around the mid seventh century another new religion was born in Arabia, Islam, this religion claims that the two previous Abrahamic Religions, Judaism and Christianity got it wrong so God sent Mohammed to straighten things out. Result. The three religions have been at war off and on for the past fourteen hundred years. Three religions one God and they can’t get along.
It is now the ninth of January and there is a two-day break in my ramblings as I was busy with other mundane aspects of my life. On the very few occasions that I am asked for advice the only sage statements I can think of is “don’t grow old” and “if you must grow old don’t retire” both suck. The individual who coined the term “Golden years” should be hung, drawn, and quartered. I find this post Xmas, early New Year a somewhat depressing time the excitement is over with and there is but looking forward to an other year which no one knows what it will hold. It is the time of year in which I am cabin bound as the weather does not permit me riding my scooter and I have to rely on either public transit or the generosity of others with a car. I don’t even have a drivers license any more as I couldn’t see paying for it when I don’t own a vehicle.
As this is under the category “Ramblings” I will be jumping around hither and yon on subjects that pop into my mind at the time. We live in interesting times, but then that has been said time and again. I wonder if there has ever been an “uninteresting time”. Surely at some point in our climb up the ladder of evolution there must have been point where someone said “well that was a boring time”. Sometimes, not often, I survey the world around me and think it just might have been better if we hadn’t fallen out of that tree. No evolution, no civilization, just anthropoids living day to day with only the worry of finding their next meal and not being some other creatures next meal. A lot less complicated that so called modern life. Alas it is not meant to be. Humankind are an aggressively curious species and the view from a tree branch became very boring over the course of time.
So here we are in the early years of the twenty-first century, still aggressive, still curious, and still wearing a thin veil of civilization that masks our brutal nature. As I said I think the trees might have been better.


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