Rambling 2018 prt, 2



I have gone through a rather prolonged dry spell when it comes to my writing. I think this was due to a lack of topics that peeked my interest or aroused distain towards a certain subject or personage. For a period, there I was bashing Trump but everything that can be said or written about him has been done to the point of nausea. Whatever the man says or does comes as no surprise to me. He has become totally predictable.
It has also occurred to me that I have been commenting on happenings in the United States when I should be trying to focus on what is going on in my own country. There are those who say that “The Great White North”, Canada, is somewhat boring as compared to other countries in the world. Perhaps this is true but I think it has more to do with the fact Canadians are not boisterously patriotic, although we are starting to be come so. We as a people tend to downplay a lot of things that go on in our governments, be they municipal, Provincial, Territorial, or Federal. Perhaps that come with not being a world super power. It is not that we sit back and let politicians of any stripe get away with wrong doing it just seems that it is taken care of in a quieter way. Then again I must confess that I don’t pay that much attention to Canadian Politics and for that I am ashamed and will make it my target this year to pay closer attention to what is happening in my own backyard.
Just when I though that everything had been written and said about Donald Trump he opens his mouth and proves it to be a far greater “Shithole” than any country he mentioned. Why does this not surprise me? His bigotry and racism knows no bounds.
The so called January thaw which is a yearly occurrence in southern Ontario lasted only a few days and then the Arctic cold took over again. It has, to put it mildly been somewhat cold this month, but then it’s winter and this Canada. I remember winters back in the late 40s and into the 50s when it was just as cold with just as much snow if not more and it was considered quite normal. I think some of the problem people have with the cold now is a bit psychological. Canada started to switch from Imperial measurement to Metric in 1970. This meant weight, distance, velocity, measurement, and temperature all changed. Weight became Kilograms, Distance and Velocity became Kilometres, Measurement became Metres, and Temperature became Celsius. When one measure temperature 32 degrees Fahrenheit is 0 degrees Celsius, the psychological effect is that when the temperature is at minus15C we think it is really cold where in the old scale it is cold but still above zero. Minus 18C is 0 degrees F. It doesn’t help that the older one gets the more the cold affects you. The old bones can’t take it like they use to.

It just pop into my head how I sometimes have trouble with the words AFFECT and EFFECT or TO and TOO. I know the correct usage of the words it is just sometimes when writing my mind is ahead of what I am putting to paper that I mix them up. Especially TO and TOO. Perhaps the fact that the old grey matter isn’t as sharp as it used to be is the root cause. I dread losing my intellect and the ability to communicate effectively either in speech or writing. Diseases like Dementia, Alzheimer’s or a Stroke terrify me. Suicide would be preferable.
Well I have rambled on enough for now. Until something truly peaks my interest I will keep rambling and jumping from subject to subject.


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