RAMBLINGS 2018 (3)

RAMBLINGS 2018 (3)


As previously stated in the first Blog of this, title I will be jumping from topic to topic and in no set order. In other words, RAMBLING.
My oldest daughter has a rather unique name for the province of Alberta, “Texas North”. Of all the Canadian Provinces Alberta is perhaps the most Conservative. They are, it seems, cut from the same cloth as their southern cousins, reliant on Cattle and Oil. Canadas’ “Wild West”. At this juncture in time, though, there is a slight aberration in Alberta in that to everyone’s surprise a Socialist N.D.P. government was elected in April 2015. From Right Wing to Left Wing in one hiccup. All the previous dead Conservative Premiers must have been rolling in their graves.
Tonight is a big night in the states, Trump is giving his first “State of the Union” address so I will have some comments on that further on in the blog.

Due to a prior commitment yesterday I did not get the opportunity to watch Trump’s first “State of the Union” address but I did manage to watch it on Twitter this morning. To paraphrase Shakespeare if I may “It was a tale told by an idiot full of sound and falsehood signifying nothing”. Americans, are by far the most chauvinistic, as in boisterously patriotic, peoples and Trump milks this for every last drop he can. They seem to go out of their way to prove who amongst them loves their country more. Strange people.
As I listened to the words spewing out of Trumps’ mouth it hit me that everything he does is great, fantastic, or never been done before. Among others, his claim of birthing the biggest tax cut in American History is totally false as there have been 3 cuts bigger than his. Presidents Obama, Bush, and Reagan brought about bigger tax cuts than Trumps’. In all likelihood Trumps’ will turn out to be the most divisive.

Finally, January with its record breaking cold spells is over but then we have February to face and it can be just as bad if not worse. At one point it was colder in parts of Canada than at both poles and the planet Mars. That’s cold.
I watched a report on CTV News last night that started me to think about our Provincial Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) and as I watched and thought I began to realize that I was getting annoyed at our Provincial Government. The story concerned a three-year-old boy who was born with a form of Cerebral Palsy. I know something of C.P. as someone very dear to me was born with a mild form of it. The C.P. affected the youngsters’ legs and feet so he couldn’t walk. There is a surgical procedure to help this situation available in the U.S. at a cost of $150,000 but OHIP refused to cover the cost so the parents had to raise the necessary money to help their son walk. This is not the first, nor will it be the last time that OHIP has refused coverage for medical conditions. We in the “Great White North” brag about our health care system then incidents like this arise and in my opinion put the system to shame. Perhaps if our current Provincial government stop messing about with our electrical system at the cost of millions of dollars there might be more money for health care and the needy.
As I stated in the previous Ramblings I was going to start writing about our own political system and politicians so look forward to some comments under the title “BASHING”


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