ramblings 2018 (4)

RAMBLINGS 2018 (4)

I love to cook. I’m not a great cook but I’m pretty good. This I have my ex to thank, now there’s a really, really, good cook. My favourite thing to make at this time of year is SOUP. I love homemade soup, beats store bought hands down. To much damn salt in canned food. Any who, I went out and bought 12 Mason Jars to put my soups in and freeze, only to discover that my refrigerator freezer isn’t big enough to accommodate the jars and the other stuff that’s in it. Hey no problem.
When I lived in Oakville I had a 5th floor apartment with a balcony so in the winter I would make soup and put it out on the balcony. Natures’ freezer. I have a large Coleman Cooler so I put it out on the balcony here to use as an improvised freezer. So I fill the cooler with jars of soup and some other stuff. Now half way through February the temperature is climbing to the plus side so I had to go out and buy ice. Wouldn’t you know it. I come up with a good idea and Mother Nature laughs and says nice try but no prize this time. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear the Fates had it in for me sometimes.
Earlier this week I went for an eye examination. Under the Provincial Health Plan, I am allowed on a year for free. So off I go with my oldest. We get into the examination room and find out it has been 8 years since I had my eyes tested. Oh Boy! Anyway the Doc test my eyes and I need new glasses. So there’s an expense I hadn’t counted on. My oldest came to the rescue by paying for half of them. I got kinda chocked up and started sobbing a bit. I was raised that Fathers help their children not the other way around, but it seems times have changed and its quite acceptable for children to help their Fathers.

Now if I may get serious for the moment. Yesterday, a nineteen-year-old former student of a High School in Parkland Florida opened fire with an A.R. 16 Assault rifle killing 17 students and wounding 15 others. In less than an hour the hypocrites came out of the woodwork condemning the shooting and offering prayers and condolences to the families of dead and wounded. Every time there is a mass shooting in the U.S. the self same hypocrites, from the President on down, offer their prays and sympathy to the families of those who are gunned down. The spiel is always the same the shooting was caused by and individual with severe mental problems. That may be so but it is also a gun problem. No other nation in the world loves their firearms like Americans. The 2nd Amendment of their Constitution has been subverted into a perverted 11 Commandment “Thou shalt have the right to own guns”. So the dead will be buried, the families will grieve, life will go on, and nothing will be done so the cycle will repeat ad infinitum.

Enough of morbid subjects. Let’s get back to a lighter frame of mind. As I mentioned above I love to cook and guess what I’m just finished getting a big pot of Cabbage Soup on the fire. Well not really the fire, I have an electric stove, which by the way isn’t that good. The oven takes a life time to heat up plus it’s small. The whole kitchen is small which is really annoying especially for some one who has always had eat in kitchens with enough room to do just about anything. Just one of the drawbacks of living in Community Housing. I like my apartment and the building it’s the kitchen that is frustrating. Well frustrating or not I’m going to make my Chicken Pot Pie on Sunday. Everyone who has tasted them says they’re good which makes me feel good.
This is a long weekend as Monday is “Family Day” which I think is a ridiculous name for a holiday but we shan’t get into that now. It is Food Bank day down in the common room and as usual I’ll wander down towards the end and see if anything good is left.
One last thing on the temperature, starting Mon. Feb. 18 right through to 1 Mar. the temp is going to be on the plus side. Like I said “wouldn’t you know”.


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