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RAMBLINGS 2018 (5)

RAMBLINGS 2018 (5)


Well here we are again off on another Ramble. Of late my mind seems to jump around like a “Mexican Jumping Bean”. Either my thoughts are becoming totally disorganized or it is a round about way for my mind to sort things into proper order. Which ever it is I hope my mind gets its’ act together damn soon.
It has been nine days since the Florida school shooting and it looks like there is a possibility something may be done to end these senseless acts. The Florida Legislature is voting to increase the age for purchasing AR 15s from 18 to 21 and to ban Bump Stocks and Trump is going to push for stronger background checks. There will never be a gun free America but enforcing stricter gun laws will hopefully curtain random mass shootings.
Meanwhile up here in the “Great White North”, hold on. It might be white in other parts of the country but right now in southwest Ontario it is closer to spring conditions. This is February and it is supposed to be cold not warm and raining. The next person who says Climate Change is a hoax I’m going to throttle him or her. The weather we have been experiencing over the last 2 to 4 weeks isn’t normal for this time of year. Well they say “if March comes in like a Lamb, it goes out like a Lion”. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Tomorrow (it is roughly 4:00 a.m. on the 25th in Korea, 14 hours ahead of Toronto) is the last day of the Winter Olympics and Canada has done very well in the Medal Standing with 29 standing 2nd behind Norway with 38. This is better than the Vancouver Games in 2010 when Canada won 26 medals. Our Women’s Hockey Team lost to the U.S. winning Silver. Our Men’s Team was beat by Germany causing them to Play the Czechs for Bronze. Canadas’ biggest rival is the U.S.A. and this time it is the American’s time to shine in Hockey. Hey it’s only 4 years until the next Winter Games.
Watch a good movie last night “Hidden Figures” it is about a group (3 in particular) of Afro-American who were human computers for NASA in the early 60s. The 3 that the movie focuses on are a computer wiz, an engineer, and a mathematician and how they overcame the discrimination and segregation that was their constant companion even though they were just as intelligent, and in some cases more, than their male counterparts. Their work put Shepard, Grissom, and Glenn in space. The went onto work on the Apollo Program and the Shuttle. I thoroughly enjoyed it. All three lead female actresses were outstanding.

The 2018 Winter Olympics are over and Canada did very well in 3rd place with 29 medals behind Norway with 39 and Germany with 31, The next Winter Games will be in China in 2022. One parting comment on the Olympics in general and that is the cost of them is getting absurd in the hundreds of millions of dollars. I have always maintained that there should be one international site for the summer games and another for the winter games. Seeing as the Olympics started in Greece perhaps they should be returned there permanently and an Alpine country should be picked for the Winter Games. All competing countries should share the expense of building and maintaining the venues. Of course the argument against this is that the hosting countries would get all the profits generated by tourism. Perhaps some way could be found that the profits go to the Olympics to help in maintaining the sites. Well just a thought. Don’t think it will ever happen. So adieu from this Rambling through the writers’ mind.
Be back sometime.


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