RAMBLINGS 2018 (8)

RAMBLINGS 2018 (8)

Methinks I am becoming overly fond of “Ramblings” because it doesn’t really task my mind as I can jump from subject to subject without having to really concentrate on what I am writing. My old curse of “Lazy Brain” is trying desperately to reassert itself. Been accused of being brain lazy on and off for most of my life. I remember my English teacher in grade 9 accused me of that, added if she could she would charge me in court for the crime of killing my brain. I laugh about it now but, she was right.
Now to the highlight of my weekend. Yesterday (Saturday) was a minor moving day. I bought a new used couch to replace the one I had. At 3:00pm my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson along with two of my lady friends from the building came to help move the old one out to the garbage and bring the newer one up from an apartment on the second floor. I was ordered to get out of the way and stop making suggestions. Seems my advice was not wanted so I sat in the corner at my computer desk and sulked. One good thing was I had spent the morning taking all my pictures off the hallway walls and disengaging the door closer so we wouldn’t have to fight with the door. Anyway things went well and I now own a smaller firmer couch that won’t play hell with my back. Kinds blew my mind yesterday to see my grandson walking around with a robot baby. Seems it’s a school project that they have to do. You have to look after this “BABY” like it was real and it has sensors so the teacher can download the info and see how good you are doing. To me it’s weird. If they tried that when I went to school, there would have been a riot.
Went with B. to Hamilton to take back the furniture dolly we borrowed from her daughter to move the couches. On the way home we stopped at this little East Indian restaurant and picked up some Samosa and some other pastry with onions. They are spicy but not to bad. No flames shooting out of your mouth hot. Just tangy.

It is a cold, rainy, miserable day and I’m sitting here listening to “Africa” by Toto and wishing the good weather would hurry up and get here. Guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer as the weather report is calling for snow flurries on Sunday, April Fools Day. Hey why not. Snow is a four letter word up there with a good many expletives which are not used in polite company. It seems to me the older I get the longer winter gets. I know that that is not the case but it feels like it.
I’m looking forward to Friday evening, the 30th, as a bunch of us are going to Stoney Creek for Fish and Chips. Of late I am becoming a connoisseur of that U.K. staple. Always have liked Fish and Chips and now it seems to be becoming regular Friday Fare. I love Halibut but it is expensive so I have Haddock, which I also like. There was an excellent Fish and Chip place on Appleby Line up near Highway 5, served only Halibut, they went out of business after about a year. The rent in the plaza where it was located became to high. Too bad as they were damn good Fish and Chips. When I was a kid and a Catholic I had to eat fish every Friday as it was a rule of the church. Hated it as my Dad wasn’t a Catholic and he could have meat while I had Fish Sticks. To this day “I HATE FISH STICKS.” Well there isn’t much to ramble about so I’ll call it quits for today. Be back sometime later. Who knows I might get tired of rambling and do some serious writing. We’ll see.


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