RAMBLINGS 2018 (9)

It has been a month since I sat down to “Ramble” and a few things have occurred since the end of March. We had two deaths in the building one was a grand old Lady of 99 years, sharp as a tack, who was hoping to make it until December and her 100th but her cancer returned and mercifully took her quickly. We also had two ladies move out to nursing homes so now there is four empty apartments in the building. Spring has finally arrived and I took my scooter out of storage on Wed. the 25th and went for a short ride. Breeze was a bit chilly especially when I wound it out to max 45kph. It feels great to have my mobility back. I think this will be the last year I’ll be riding as I have noticed my balance is starting to get a bit wonky now and then. It looks like I could go from 2-wheel scooter to 4-wheel med-chair. Bummer, though I think my girls would prefer that.

It’s Sunday already, 2nd last day of April and it is a chilly 4C but the forecast is for warmer weather ahead. It’s about time that the weather decided to warm up and hopefully stay warm. Never can tell lately. Weather is so damn wonky lately we might get snow in August.
Anyway enough of that. Went to another “Sophisticate Swing” concert last night and really enjoyed it, got home at 10:30 which is late for me. This group of 19 people are trying to keep the “Big Band” sounds of the 30s, 40s, and 50s, alive and well. The band has 2 vocalists, Tricia Cole and Tony Sciara and they are pretty good. For some reason they hold these concerts in churches. The first one I went to at the beginning of the month was in a United Church and last night at Presbyterian Church. My fellow nonbelievers are going to start thinking I got religion. I can assure them that is not the case. I am getting to be somewhat of a social butterfly lately. Next month it seems I’m going to Port Dover. Never been there. I think we are going for fish and chips. That’s another thing almost every Friday evening we go out for Fish and Chips at different restaurants. I’m getting to be a Fish and Chip gourmet also if I eat much more Fish and Chips I think I’ll start growing gills. Oh yeah there is also the bi-weekly excursion for Liver and Onions, which if I could I would eat almost every night. I love it. I really enjoy these outings as it gets me out and about (not oot and aboot) and away from the building and it’s confining atmosphere.
It is the last day of April and one could not ask for a nicer Spring day. It is clear and sunny and 16C (61F). The sun worshipper here in the building will soon be sitting outside soaking up the rays and working on their tans. For me those days are over for as I get older my tolerance for hot sunny days diminishes. The good thing is I can ride around on my scooter instead of being cabin bound. Got informed last night that I’m going to Port Dover (on Lake Erie) on May 16th. Never been there so it should be interesting. Had another friend praise my Beef Barley soup. For some inexplicable reason I make good soup and everyone who tries it praised it. Me I could live on soup in fact my favourite two are Navy Bean soup and Cabbage soup. Well that and Liver and Onions and Fish and Chips. I have also been introduced to some Indian cuisine in the form of Samosa and Paroka. Just spicy enough for my taste. Guess that’s all for now. Got the urge to go riding. Back sometime soon.


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