RAMBLINGS 2018 (10)

RAMBLINGS 2018 (10)

It is just the 3rd day of May and already I have heard complaints about how hot it is. Of course this is quite normal because we here in Southern Ontario make complaining about the weather a national past time. It is either to cold, to much snow, to much rain, to humid or to hot. Guess we are just never satisfied. My Dad loved the heat. The hotter the better. Maybe that’s why he spent so much time working in hot countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai, Egypt, Central and South America, and Indonesia. When I was much younger the heat didn’t bother me but as I grow longer in the tooth I don’t much care for it and being a long time smoker (quit 5 years ago) my lungs are damaged and when the humidity gets high I have trouble breathing. That’s when I love my Air Conditioner. Speaking of which I have to service and clean to get it ready for the summer. As I am writing it is 22C but feels warmer with the humidity. Starting Sunday, the 5th the temp will be in the mid to high teens, a respite before the heat starts to climb and keep climbing into the high 30Cs. I keep saying I’m moving to Baffin Island but then in the summer the black flies are out in force and in the winter the average temp is in the minus 30C range. That’s a might chilly. Actually I’m ashamed to say I don’t know that much about Baffin Island which is part of the Territory of Nunavut (our land) with the capital Iqaluit (place of the fish) located on it.
As yesterday was a bit on the humid side I pulled my A/C out of the sleeve and cleaned it up and oiled the fan as it will soon be getting lots of use when the humidity climbs as the summer progresses.
‘Tis going to be a boring weekend as there are no plans to try a new Fish and Chip restaurant or a concert to go to. I can always go for a ride if the weather permits. Friday is Food Bank day in the building and as usual I’ll wander down near the end of it to see if there is anything good left. Sometimes there is other times it’s crap. Well one more pot of soup to make this weekend then the soup pot gets put away until the Fall. Just came up from the Food Bank. There wasn’t much there except the usual, lots of bread, veggies, and can goods. There was also packages of what can only be describes as mystery meat as no one knew what it was.
Cable went out around 4:00pm and it is now 7:00pm and it’s not back on. It is annoying when the cable goes out. I think this time it is due to the high winds we have been having today. Gust up to 100km (62mph).
Dozed off on the couch last night and woke up at 3:30am the cable was still down. At 7:30am when I got up it was back up and working. Even if it came back on at 4:00am that’s 12 hours with no TV or internet. Guess that wind storm did some bad damage. When a storm cuts the power it can be very frustrating as we come to realize just how much we depend on electricity in our lives. At least people who have gas appliances in their homes can cook, have hot water and in some cases refrigeration. No electricity no cooking, no hot water. No refrigeration, no nothing. The joys of civilization.


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