It has been quite some time since I have written anything about 4100 and I’m sorry to say we live in a building that has thieves within it’s walls.
For at least 5 years (since I moved in) the tenants have asked the Landlord to install security cameras and the answer is that “it is not in the budget”, yet other buildings owned by Halton Community Housing have cameras. It seems that 4100 is regulated to the hind teat. “Not in the budget” was the standard reply to any request from the tenants, that has now changed to “It’s on the list” by my reckoning that list reaches to the moon or further.
To get back to the main point of this Blog, theft. People will find to hard to believe that a Senior Citizen Building has “Sticky Fingered” individuals as residents or should I say denizens. Since I have resided here (5 years) I have heard of some pretty weird happenings when it comes to stealing. Guess the most common theft is newspapers which are deliver to your apartment and dropped outside the door. One tenant was having their paper stolen every morning. He finally caught the person and what makes it weird is the person stealing the paper can’t speak English. Clothes have been stolen out of the dryers in the laundry room and from the storage rooms. We do not have individual lockers just shelves with the apartment number on them. One tenant had a marble table stolen. A few tenants have had suitcases taken. The first floor apartments have patios instead of balconies and all sorts of things go missing. Items are even stolen from the lobby, for instance a small stainless steel watering can that held flowers. Candles are also stolen but perhaps the weirdest theft was the wick out of a candle. Yep, someone actually pulled the wick, which was 6 inches long, out of a candle and absconded with it. Christmas decorations are stolen also the pillows off the couches and chairs in the lobby. There was one unknown individual who stole the toilet paper out of the washrooms in the lobby. It got so bad that the maintenance man installed lockable dispensers.
There was another incident a few days ago. A lady tenant passed away and one of her daughters was here to clean out her apartment. The deceased tenant had a small planter on her patio in the shape of a rabbit. You guessed it. It was stolen while the daughter was inside cleaning. Talk about a low life. There is an undercurrent of racism in the building directed mainly at the many Chinese tenants who it seems are blamed for anything and everything. Most of the Chinese seniors do not speak English so they are the perfect scapegoats for all the problems with things disappearing. It really upsets some tenants that (1) there are Chinese in the building and (2) that they can’t or won’t speak English.
Overall 4100 isn’t a bad place to live. It beats being on the street or in a nursing home. We live independently and the building is pretty well looked after and the rents are geared to income. There are a few issues with Halton Housing but nothing Earth shattering. The way I look at it is this is the last way station in the journey.


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