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4100 Longmoor Drive was officially opened as a Senior’s Residence 44 years, 7 months and 8 days ago on 3 September 1975.For a 44and a half year old building it is in fairly good shape as it approaches middle age. Like anything at that age it is starting to show signs of wear, especially the plumbing as pin holes are starting to sprout in the water pipes like mushrooms on a manure heap. At this point in the buildings lifwe these are minor irratants but like all irritants if not removed real problems arise.The building is owned and operated by Halton Community Housing which is responsible to the Region of Halton. In other words it is run by a bureaucracy which operates under a budget. Having a budget limits the way money is allocated to maintenance so somethings don’t get accomplished expitiously. One area that is speedily taken care of is “Pest Control”particularly “Cockroaches” and “Bed Bugs”.
Our building like so many others where there are large congregations of Humans has both Cockroaches and Bed bugs.My old apartment on the 3rd floor had roaches which I reported and received prompt action with the exterminator arriving two days after the reporting. I moved down to an apartment on the second floor which while being repaired and cleaned was also sprayed for roaches and up until three days ago I did not worry. Lasty Thursday my next door neighbour told me that her neighbour on the other side was inspected and found to be infested with roaches. This individual is a Hoarder and has been warned on more than one occssion to clear out and clean up her apartment. She complies with the order but within a few weeks returns to her old habits.Complaints have gone into H.C.H.C. and up until now not much or anything has been done. With this latest complaint the assistant Property Manager has inspected her apartment and assumingly warned the tenant, also made arrangements for the exterminator. Two days ago both mine and my neighbours apartments were inspected. My apartment was declared roach free but unfortunately my neighbour was informed that she also has roaches and is very annoyed to say the least as they more than likely came from the infested apartment.
Cockroaches are not the only pest problem; we also have Bed Bugs, mice and rats (for which traps have been set). There also larger pests in the area including, Raccoons, Skunks, Rabbits, Squirrels, and a Coyote. Regular Wild Life Sanctuary. The Skunk (Pepe le Pew), Rabbits, squirrels, and Raccoons can be tolerated but the Coyote is dangerous and should be trapped and relocated before it attacks a child.


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