RAMBLINGS 2019 (02)

RAMBLINGS 2019 (02)

It is now February and for the last week, we have either had snow in large quantities or, as for the last two days freezing rain, sleet, or rain, and now more snow for tomorrow. No wonder I have the “BLAHS.” I would get up and go if I could find where I put my go. It has to be buried somewhere here in my apartment but I just do not feel like looking for it right now. Even looking forward, to our monthly lunch tomorrow at the Mandarin is not exciting me in the least. At times, I think I would gladly trade places with a Bear and hibernate for the winter.
Left for the Mandarin Restaurant at 11:00am and arrived at our usual time, just as it opened. There were six of us this time, one of whom works for Mandarin so he gets us a bit of a discount. The food is good but like most Chinese eateries, it caters to North American tastes. One thing that I have found at the Mandarin we go to is they make a great “Boston Clam Chowder” and it is first thing I get. I am a soup lover and I consider that I know good soup when I taste it. At some restaurants, the soup is so watered down that it is more akin to dishwater than soup.
Just got in from walking down to the plaza at the bottom of our street, it is not quite a 10 min. walk. Going down is okay as the wind is behind you but coming home the north wind is hitting you head on and today that wind is bitterly cold. There is no snow today but tomorrow and Sunday, it is calling for flurries. Flurries I can handle heavy snow, no way. I guess the dislike of winter comes with getting older although some of the senior residents of the building seem to enjoy winter. Good for them.
It,s Sunday and as usual around here it is “BORING” and that is not an overstatement. There is nothing on the “Boob Tube” worth watching and it is too cold to go for a walk. I just finished making a big pot of Cabbage Soup for the week and now I sitting here telling all and sundry about it while I listen to Bert Kaempfert playing “Dancing in the Dark” and now Midnight in Moscow” . Ain’t life exciting.
Well I’ll close this session of Rambling and hope something more exciting happens when I sit to ramble on again.


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